Scam. Please do not hand over your bank information.

Scam. Please do not hand over your bank information.

This is another public reminder not to fall to scams. Recently, this was published. Macau Sam. Be Aware and Beware Now, we have the below latest case. Very sad because lifetime savings could have been lost forever. Scammers are really taking this as their ‘career.’ Do read about it below.

Article in Johor police chief Comm Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat shared about the case of a 60-year-old businessman losing RM600,000 from his savings after being duped in a Macau scam.

He said, “The caller told the victim that he was from the bank and the victim had allegedly owed the bank RM5,000 and demanded immediate payment. The caller then requested the victim to hand over his account information which the victim did. More details here. Article in

It’s a business or a career for scammers

It’s a big business for scammers. The people involved are treating this as their ‘career’ too. So, we really do need to take even more precautions and keep reminding all our loved ones about many of these potential scams. This is especially aimed at those who simply believe any viral news as well. There are many things which are not real and it’s best to verify versus just believing it totally and then doing something we will regret for life.

Banks will NOT ask for your login info.

Police will NOT ask you to transfer any money to any account.

Your good friend who suddenly Whatsapped you and wanted to borrow some money may not be that good friend.

Share and help prevent more cases.

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