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Bayu Sutera @ Bandar Sri Sendayan as a home sweet home

[Paid Review] Bayu Sutera @ Bandar Sri Sendayan as a home sweet home

What is a dream home? What is a home sweet home?

Many property advertisements tout the new launch as a dream home. In fact many sales people would also tell you that the home we are about to buy is our dream home too. This goes on for dream car, dream insurance policy and more dream too. Right?

Is a dream home the same as a home sweet home? For me, a dream home can be what we wanted to have and a home sweet home can be how we make that into a reality. My first apartment of 730 sq ft was a home sweet home for my wife and I even if it was not a dream home. Please do note that this does not mean we simply buy any home yeah. Whether dream home or a home sweet home, it has to fulfill many requirements too. Else, better keep looking.  

Bayu Sutera @ Bandar Sri Sendayan

Today, we look at Bayu Sutera, a new series of residential homes at award winning development of Bandar Sri Sendayan. Bayu Sutera offers a mixture of modern and contemporary design layouts and there are a total of over 2,000 units of terraces to cater to small to medium families.

Please do note that if you are working nearby KLCC today, the distance between point to point (Bandar Sri Sendayan to KLCC) is around 71km. Driving duration is around 1 hour. Distance may be far but driving duration is not going to be too much difference versus staying in a ‘mature’ area and leaving home during peak hours in the morning.

If you are a single, there are many available choices along the way or closer to KLCC too. If you have the flexibility of time, have just gotten married and wife’s not working or if you have a young family of 3 and aiming to become a family of four, do read on to have another good option of a home sweet home.  

Lifestyle is now a key element

There were days when a landed home is a landed home. Today, it’s important that the home has that modern and contemporary look. It does not start with just the home itself. It starts from driving into the enclave and seeing lots of greenery. It starts from the smile of the security officer who will keep your family and you safe. It ends with a good night sleep in the well designed and spacious bedrooms. Bayu Sutera offers all these to the owners.

Bayu Sutera 2

Family is a key theme now and future

The median age is 29 for Malaysia currently. This is why when we go to supermarkets, we see a lot of baby related products everywhere and there are more and more brands too. This also meant that we have many small families of 3 or 4 currently. Bayu Sutera have the necessary ingredients for a family.

If you ask me, a family with young children should spend more time together. These days, everyone is just too busy with work or ‘busy’ replying Whatsapps or busy looking at other people’s FB updates.

What has happened to just a short stroll and chit-chat loved ones, what about bringing the children to the playground or even playing in the swimming pool? Perhaps even a gym session followed by a sauna session? It’s possible to do all these and more.

Family time is precious time

There’s Breezeway, a 9.5 acre Central Park. With this size, it houses the following too. Matrix Galleria, futsal court, bicycle track, parcourse, reflexology path, viewing deck, amphitheatre, shelter, water features, walkway and children’s play area.

Owners could also join a comprehensive club house called d’TEMPAT with the following facilities too. I think it has everything I need too as I love tennis, badminton, squash and table-tennis too. Not a great player but I love racquet sports.

  • Swimming pool, aqua gym, Jacuzzi, wading pool, splash pool & fun pool
  • Gym & aerobics room
  • Steam & sauna in our Members-only changing room
  • Tennis, badminton, squash & table tennis room
  • Bowling alley & snooker room
  • Mini theatre
  • Children’s playroom
  • Banquet hall & meeting rooms
  • Exclusive discounts on F&B

Conveniences include the S-M-S (School – Medical – Supermarket) too

There are over 8 – 10 schools within easy reach and they include choices from international to government funded schools and even Chinese and Tamil schools too. For example, Matrix Global school, SJK(C) Bandar Sri Sendayan, SK Sendayan, SJK © Tung Hua S2 Heights, SJK(T) Bandar Sri Sendayan too. There are even universities such as Nilai University and INTI International University too. All these provide conveniences to Bayu Sutera owners too.

Medical Centres are the other important element for housing developments. It’s always reassuring to have medical facilities nearby for unforeseen circumstances. Medical centres such as Columbia Asia Hospital, KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital and Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar Seremban. All these medical centres are 11km, 12km and 14km away respectively.

Everyone has their favourite supermarket brand which they are a member of, probably. Owners of Bayu Sutera could visit one supermarket brand every weekend and have enough choices for many weeks. They include Mydin Hypermarket Seremban 2, AEON Seremban 2, Lotus’ Seremban 2, NSK Trade City Seremban and even Palm Mall.

Accessibility to Bandar Sri Sendayan

We can reach home via the North-South Expressway or the Seremban – Port Dickson Highway and there ‘s also the proposed Senawang – KLIA Expressway too. Anyway, if it means we could reach home, it also means that buyers of Bayu Sutera are also connected to everywhere via these expressways too.

By the way, Port Dickson Waterfront is just 26km away, the KLIA is just 30km away, A’Famosa in Melaka is only 96km away. It’s now possible to say, ‘Let’s drop by Melaka for Nyonya Food’ anytime someone craves for anything that’s delicious in Melaka.

Now, we talk about the home itself

The homes are under freehold status. Yea, I think many buyers find this to be very attractive.

These are 2-storey link homes (yes, terrace is also another name for it too). Sizes range from 20ft x 70ft to 24ft x 70ft. How wide is 20ft? A typical car width is 5.5 – 6ft. So, if you park two cars side by side, both these cars occupy 11-12ft leaving another 9-10ft for both the cars to have their doors opened widely. Anyway, this is also why homes which are smaller in width, say 16ft width would also advertise that it’s possible to park two cars side by side too. So, 20ft is considered ‘luxurious’ for two cars.

There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and if one gets the corner unit, then there would be 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Size matters in a home

Built-up is 2,212 sq ft which meant that there’s really ample spaces in the home and the rooms are spacious too. Do note that there’s a huge difference between a 2,212 sq ft space and 4 bedrooms versus a 1,000 sq ft space and 3 bedrooms yeah. This is why it’s always that choice between much bigger space and extra driving duration or smaller space but less driving duration.

It’s hard to imagine anyway.  Go drop by their sales gallery to see and also ask a lot of questions to their sales people.  I am sure you will be able to decide better after that. Click here to know more.


For a couple thinking of a good place to start a family and a family with young children, Bayu Sutera is a good choice to call a home sweet home. Of course, Bayu Sutera is not nearby KLCC or Mid-Valley mall or within a walking distance to a new MRT station. So, let’s look at what matters more to the buyer; landed vs high-rise, distance vs size and all the above points too.

Bayu Sutera has all the necessary ingredients to make a home sweet home for a long time to come because Bandar Sri Sendayan is still a growing township. It could also be a dream home too but that’s for you to decide. Here’s that link for you to find out more again.

*All images used in the article are artists impression only.

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