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If you are looking for AWARENESS alone, there are by far more bigger media out there yeah. Just remember that buyers do not buy by looking at just the advertisement / awareness alone yeah. Unless you are selling shampoo… Buyers buy after they read reviews… We book hotels after reading reviews… We buy cars after reading reviews… Just look at advertisement alone and make decision? We think that’s a long time ago.

Here are also three important reasons why our customers engage us.

#1 – Charles does NOT run any property investment courses. So, we will not ask for any fees from readers.

#2 – Charles is NOT part of any property developer. So, we write what we think, what we want and yes, there has been a few occasions that we politely decline to write reviews for some projects too. We think our 8.5 years of reputation is more important that the money.  

#3 – Charles is NOT part of any real estate agency and does not even have a Real Estate Negotiator tag… So, we have nothing to sell and will not gain any commission even if you buy any property after reading reviews in kopiandproperty.my 

We are open for customization of services. Some typical services we are engaged for.

#1 Really good property review which is not a typical article you read in some paid media, please engage us. Our reviews are written by Charles who’s also a property investor with access to condo facilities in 6 cities / towns in Malaysia.

#2 Really good property / investment speaker who does not read from slides and engages the audience during the talk. Charles spoke in 52 events in 9 states as well as Singapore in 2019. Within 2022, Charles is expected to speak in 5 events within January. 

#3 Online Banners (continuous exposure yeah) 

#4 Sales Trainings.  Remember… even if the customer comes to your sales gallery, it’s important that the sales people are ready to handle and closer the customer.  Charles has trained over 500 sales people from different organisations and even countries within the past 10 years. 

#5 Coverage for your press releases. Always update everyone on what’s happening. 

Happy engaging your audience and best wishes till we sit down for a latte.

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