The quality of your life is the quality of your communication. Join Toastmasters.

The quality of your life is the quality of your communication. This is a quote from well known life and business strategist Anthony Robbins.

I have been a Toastmaster for the past 16 years. Happily continuing my membership in this organisation where Leaders Are Made. Click here to view. Alternatively, please do visit District 51 Facebook page. I am the current District Club Growth Director aka CGD.

As a fresh graduate…

Not many companies hire by just looking at the piece of paper called degree. They hire after the interview and the capability to communicate will mean the fresh graduate is able to articulate things much better than a top student who could hardly communicate.

As a new junior staff…

We can work very hard but remember, when the final results are ready, we need to communicate this to the manager. It is not by just sending the results in an email and then believing that the manager can get all the necessary just by looking at the email and the result.

As a lawyer…

I really do not wish to even write a single word here because if some has a Law Degree holder and he / she is unable to communicate effectively… in the court.

As an accountant

If we think accountants only need to get used to numbers, please do read some of the Job Descriptions of a senior accountant or even Financial Controller yeah. There are many occasions where the person would have to present to the management… to the regional teams etc. It is not just putting up a slide and reading word for word.

As a doctor…

I can safely assure you that my wife still continue to send our kids to a child specialist even though he is like 20km away is because his ability to communicate to our kids and us is really excellent. Explain the issue and medical terms easily is not something that could be done by all doctors. That’s why some become sought-after and some are forgotten.

As a real estate negotiator

IF that brochure can sell and a REN does not need to speak, then I can also tell you that the developer will just print more brochures and send to the potential buyers. RENs have an important role to play. Ability to communicate to the customers is thus compulsory because no one buys RM500,000 property by just reading a brochure.

As an engineer…

The world needs more engineers. True. The world also needs a lot more Engineering Managers too. Perhaps an engineer can say they seldom do presentations. However in order to get that promotion… do we just do, do and do and forget about communicating our ideas, our achievements and even our aspirations?

As a CEO…

Imagine trying to give a talk to a big crowd and the words just could not come out. Imagine trying to sell the company’s value to a group of investors by reading word by word from the slide. Imagine speaking to shareholders of the company about the company’s future plans.

Communication and even leadership is key

I could go on but if you truly believe that you like to start that first step towards better communication and leadership opportunities, then join Toastmasters. I am the current term Club Growth Director (CGD) for District 51 and I would be happy to point you to the right club near where you stay or work to start. Click here to fill up a simple form. First visit can always be as a guest.

If you like, welcome to join us. Maybe your company may already have a Toastmasters club today or you can join any of the community clubs near you.

Currently, District 51 is running a new membership campaign. We have a free welcoming gift for all new members joining from now until 31st March 2022. Poster is above and welcoming gift as below. Perfect for your travelling which will be happening soon. So many countries have reopened their international borders too.


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