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4th November 2017 was extremely close to 50,000 views for the month of October 2017. 🙂

Another awesome news is that is now ranked top 50 for property blogs around the world. Thank you Feedspot!  Feedspot is the best place to read all your favorite websites in one place and discover new good ones. You can sign up for free. 
As for Malaysia, it is ranked top 25 for Malaysian Investment Blogs by the Feedspot. Here’s the link. 
7th March 2017
February has 11% less days than January. Plus, there’s Chinese New Year. So, I was ready for a drop in views. Well, guess what, that few weeks in February was a little unbelievable. Before February, has NEVER hit 10,000 views per week. In February, it was over 10,000 views EVERY WEEK. Image as shown. The average views per day? From January’s 1,334 per day, it  grew 9% to February’s average of 1,453 per day. Thanks for reading and sharing.
2nd Feb 2017
breakingjanRecords are meant to be broken! In December 2016, was very near to 40,000 views per month. However, the few days before and after Christmas was pretty ‘terrible.’ Everyone was celebrating and property takes a backseat. Thus it did not hit the estimated 40,000 views.  It has happened in January 2017. January 2017 numbers have beaten December 2016. From slightly below 40,000 views, Jan 2017’s number is 41,344. Average views per day at 1,334 is at its highest ever too. (Up by 4.9% versus a month earlier) As at 1st Feb 2017, the momentum remain strong too. I am HAPPY.  THANK YOU for reading and sharing. Will continue writing and sharing with all. Happy investing. 
2nd January 2016 was started just over 3 years ago, from a hospital bed. The target was 40,000 visits per month by 31st Dec 2016. It grew slowly and it was over 39,000 in November. In December, it was 39,452 views. 1,272 views per day! Actually, December was tough. My kids were in hospital for a week due to lung infections and then I was down with fever and headache. Slept two days straight with minimal food. Total 9 days lost. All of us are well now. With this, I consider target hit! Hahaha… The number in January 2016 was around 31,000 views. In other words, within 12 months, it grew over 27 percent. Zero marketing budgets and one part-time writer; me. Thank you dear readers!
Okay, the target by 31st Dec 2017? How about growing 50 percent? Haha.. Aim for the sky, at least you may hit the clouds. 60,000 views per month would be my new target.
18th Oct 2016
latestSorry, busy writing instead of updating. has already exceeded 1,000,000 views and over 515,000 visitors within slightly lesser than 36 months. The second 1,000,000 views should be reached within the next 26 months (31st Dec 2018). (Consider this a personal challenge to myself) Total number of articles should reach 1,800 within a few days’ time. 99% written by your truly. Oh yeah, you can search in for the following and is on first page ORGANICALLY…  “KL Property news” or “Penang property news” or even JB Property News”  Occasionally, on page 1 of a very popular search term, ‘KL Property market” too. Thank you all the readers. I have also recently given two public talks, one in KL and another in JB. I think it helps to give me more ideas to write which is good.
18th May 2016
img20160518165718.jpgFor the first time ever, the Founder cum Editor of was ‘shot’ in the studio of The Capital TV. Yes, that’s me. It’s for Episode 10 of Kanta Residensi. This week is Episode 5, so Episode 10 would be 5 weeks away, in the month of June.
On another note, number of visitors continue to rise organically (since I have zero marketing budget) and as at 17th May 2016, the average is 1,265 visits per day. This is already around 8 percent higher than April’s average. Let’s see if 40,000 per month is possible in May. Extremely happy. Thanks to all who read, shared and commented. Deeply appreciated and forever grateful.
25th March 2016
countriesLatest update. Visitors from the top 9 countries are as follows: Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, China, Japan and Thailand. I think interest from foreigners for Malaysian properties remain very high. While total visitors continue growing, the growth of visitors from outside Malaysia has been growing very slightly faster. Happy reading yeah.
27th January 2016
visitsIt has been an awesome 2015 for Thank you everyone. Appreciate all the comments, sharings and encouragements. In fact, has remained top 8 in Malaysia. The number 7 has actually showed a slight drop. Will keep writing.
30th November 2015
rankingI am extremely happy today. On 28th November, celebrated its 2nd year anniversary. Today, I came to know about the latest property sites ranking in Malaysia. is now ranked top 8 in the property portal scene in Malaysia! The first 7 are all famous names. Click on the image to know more or you can read more here:  THANK YOU to all visitors. Deeply appreciated.
5th November 2015

Page 1 of google search
Page 1 of google search

It’s update time again. Awesome news to share. When I googled “Penang property news” or “KL property news” or “Iskandar property news” beginning November, apart from the paid ones and famous commercial sites, has appeared on PAGE ONE. Haha.Let’s wait for December to spring a pleasant surprise for month of November yeah. There are already over 1,250 property related news articles as at end October 2015. Thanks for all the support, all the sharing and all comments, whether good or bad. Deeply appreciated.
1st October 2015
Visits 2015Thank you everyone. Whether the comments are positive, negative, or just a pat on my shoulder. Keep them coming yeah. Please do refer to self-explanatory image. I am pleased to announce that average visits per day have already stayed above 1,010 PER DAY beginning August and this continued in September. The breakdown by country remain almost the same with 70% from Malaysia and 30% from outside Malaysia. Let’s see if October will be a new peak yeah. Will keep writing. Thanks.
5th Aug 2015
After writing for magazines such as Property Insight, Property Hunter, Ivory Living and a few other publications, my first article printed in full colour has appeared in New Straits Times today. (4th August 2015). Was supposed to happen earlier but I was very busy with my work and submitted to them just recently. Was recommended by my friend, KC Lau who owns one of the most popular personal finance site in Malaysia; Writing for all these publications takes much more effort than writing for my blog. Haha. Thanks for reading everyone.
2nd July 2015
Bounce Rate dropped further, now at just 36%. (Yes, on par with many commercial and famous sites) Search Traffic grew further, now at 20% of total traffic. (Better than many commercial property sites) Malaysian ranking is on a steady growth path, now at around 7,020. Source: Alexa, dated 2nd July 2015.
29th June 2015
As at 29th June 2015, for the first time ever, total search traffic for has hit a new peak of 16.7%. searchkopiOh yeah, if you want to know, 16.7% is a very healthy number and not easily achievable by any site. In Malaysia’s property context, 16.7% is higher than (13.7%), (14%), (15.2%). These three sites have higher total traffic without any doubt but in terms of composition for the traffic, I am now ahead for search traffic, at least for the past 2 days. Haha. We shall see how long can this be maintained.
20th June 2015
One image says it all. 🙂  Yes, has hit 1,000 articles. It has been slightly over 1.5 years since started.
For the first time ever, as per Alexa, the search traffic accounted for 12% of total visits.
Total visits per day is also averaging around 1,000 per day now, as per WordPress stats. This is a huge thing because I do not do SEO, SEM or pay whatever amount to whoever to boost visits. I only write, write and write.
Thanks for reading and sharing.
30th May 2015
Who are visitors to Below is a snapshot of visits from 1st Jan 2015 till today, 30th May 2015. Malaysian visitors accounted for roughly 75%, the rest are all from external. Quite cool yeah. Total number of countries who had visited within 2015?  TOTAL of 121 countries!! 🙂 Happy reading.
top 15
1st May 2015 (LABOUR DAY!)
On 28th April, has hit 900 articles of which 880 articles were written by the founder cum writer, me. 🙂   Secondly, somehow within 3 weeks, my Alexa metrics have improved. This is despite based on my wordpress own stats, I am only on a slight uptrend versus March. Well, updated below. The average articles in April has finally hit 1.97 articles per day or 59 per month. Yea, fast becoming like a property news portal. Thanks for reading.  Will try keep this up.
latest stats
6th April 2015
Metrics are down. Honestly, no idea why the big change. As per stats, everything is normal. In fact my March numbers are better than February. It’s ok. I think it’s only fair to report this milestone even if it shows negative numbers right? Bounce rate has maintained almost similar to previously but the daily page views per visitor has gone down to 1.8 from 7 previously. Highest was 8. Daily time on site also down. Highest was over 4 minutes. Well, have to just keep posting then. Oh yeah, I remain steadfastly against any ‘fake’ pushing up of page views through those ‘click here to read the remaining article.’ When you come, you read all. Cheers.
19th March 2015
I guess focussing on quality is bearing fruit. Instead of sharing to many different Facebook pages thus causing lots of one page views from the unknown visitors, I have reduced the sharing numbers and on 14th March have decided to post ONLY on kopiandproperty’s Facebook page. When I saw the result today, I was ecstatic. Bounce Rate is down and is already way below that of    Daily pageviews per visitor has beaten even which is a top three property portal in Malaysia.  Daily time on site is very healthy and I am wondering if I can keep this up and eventually exceed   Okay, in ranking, both these commercial sites are ahead but nothing is certain, right? Haha.  Thanks for reading. Your visits will motivate me to continue writing.
17th January 2015 has outranked on 14th January 2015.  Did not want to write unless this holds true for a few days. Today is 17th, yes, still ahead. is now ranked 2,199 out of the millions of websites here in Malaysia. Objectively, should already be one of the few top ranked property blogs within Malaysia today. Meanwhile, is slightly behind at 2,389. How long can this little property blog hold on to this lead versus a giant?  Who cares? Proud to have beaten them for a few days in 2015. For now, feeling extremely excited.
4th January 2015 has reached 700 articles in total. Average article per day has dropped 1.8 per day to 1.74 articles per day. I blame it on too many holidays beginning end November till end December. From first time Perth to annual Melaka and just for fun Genting, it sapped a lot of my attention. 🙂  Total visits per month is averaging around 28,000. I have also been a contributing writer to East Malaysia’s most established property portal as well as magazine (PropertyHunter) beginning October 2014. Read here: PropertyHunter  Have also written for a Penang developer’s semi-annual newsletter.  After a long ‘break’, I gave a talk to a local foreign bank branch in November too. Oh yeah, the average new followers have increased very slightly, from 20 per month to 21 per month.
I think the journey goes on.
Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting.
founder, writer and admin.
6th October 2014.
No matter how small that victory is, celebrate it. That’s how marathon runners kept their pace and finish their race. I think the race that is in is more like a triathlon. Haha. I am alone, the founder, the writer, the admin and part-time is the most amazing part. Anyway, after just slightly over 10 months, another milestone reached, 300,000 visits. I think the hardest part is always to maintain WRITING. Yes, after 10 months, my average articles per day is still around 1.8  Dropped very very slightly but I think 1.8 is not such a bad number right. Haha.
Thanks to those who share, the visit numbers are very much more consistent these days. The fluctuations of one day 1,200 visits and the next day 500 is happening lesser these days. I guess this should be a good sign. The number of comments have also increased which is good and the average new sign up for my articles are also consistent at around 20 per month which to me is extremely good. Again, to all my guest writers, you have made an even more complete property blog in Malaysia, a leading one too.
Founder, Writer and Admin.
Below was what I wrote in June 2014
After 6 months of starting it has reached the 200,000 milestone. The journey has been very eventful and so many people gave me wonderful advice on how can help home buyers to know more before embarking on a journey of a few hundred thousand Ringgit if not more. Some messaged me topics to write (appreciated), some sent me pictures to include into my articles (great!) and some helped by just sharing out the article (nice). On and off, some would tell me they disagree with my point of view. Thanks!
Most recently, my article was featured in the most impressive looking show guide I have ever seen thus far, the show guide for MAPEX JB just two weeks ago. Thank you Level 3 EXPOsure. My promise? Will keep it up. Before I forget, to all those property guru who acknowledged my tiny little contribution to help property buyers, I feel honoured. To all my guest writers, your contribution has made an even more better real estate blog here in Malaysia.