Top 25 largest economies in the world

Top 25 largest economies in the world

Okay, Malaysia is not within this list, yet. The list below is as at 2020. Perhaps we could be if we meet the forecast from PWC for top 25 largest economies come 2050. USA is still number 1. China is number 2. Japan is number 3. As for more, do read on.

This is their commentary for the economies in 2000 versus 2020.

Source of info: Compared to the top 25 economies in 2000, our research has found that only two countries in the top 25—Thailand and Indonesia—weren’t there before. That said, there have been some big movers within the list. China and India moved up into second place and fifth place, respectively, having been in sixth place and 13th place in 2000. Further down the list, Indonesia, one of the two aforementioned newcomers to the list, vaulted forward from the 27th largest economy in 2000 to 16th in 2020, while Thailand leaped from 32nd place all the way to 24th.1

Here is the list by them.

For more readings, here are the full list with a lot of details: Source of info:

Happy travelling to all these countries to also feel their growth. From the top 10 list, I have visited 7. Not too bad. Have not yet visited USA, India and Canada. Hopefully USA within 2022, 2023 or 2024. I do have the opportunity. We shall see. I will write about it if I do visit.

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