Rimbun Aman Raises The Bar On Affordability Standards

Press Release: Rimbun Aman Raises The Bar On Affordability Standards

Reunion-inspired compact homes ensure that there is always space for family

As the price of properties continues to soar in the city, the Malaysian dream of having their own home seems to drift further and further away. Even if there are homes within the average budget, these are often times too cramped to meaningfully accommodate the growing needs of a modern family.

Hence award-winning property developer IJM Land has stepped in to decisively solve this conundrum with its offering of choice homes for the picking. Nestling within the fully integrated township of Seremban 2, Rimbun Aman marks some of the latest projects under the affordable housing category.

Homebuyers are invited to participate in the fulfilling lifestyle here, accentuated by the sustainable environment and the wealth of contemporary conveniences.

Spanning across 42 acres of freehold land, Rimbun Aman comprises 304 units of single-storeyed link homes, registering a total gross development value ( GDV) of RM125mil.

With prices starting from RM 350,000, the built-up ranging from 971 to 1,135 sq ft is very generous. By default, each unit comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Departing from the raw statistics, the layout and design of the unit is a matter that requires artistic interpretation bordering on the philosophy.

Where less is more

A space is only as spacious as the person who manages it. The creative and innovative mind determines if a small home could look huge, and the inverse applies. The full potential of the homes of Rimbun Aman is revealed at the newly launched show unit, being influenced by the power of concentric circles.

High quality, well-crafted and enduring furniture are meticulously selected, their distinguishing arcs bring to life the round shape from which the concept was derived. Based on the theme of Togetherness, the homes and corresponding decor are specifically crafted to accommodate large numbers of people in a supposedly small area.

For example, the dining table can be extended to accommodate additional guests, a vital attribute for any host intending to conduct a reunion or gathering. Storage slots have been discreetly incorporated into the living area, and one of the drawers at the kitchen can further be extended to transform the place into an L shape. One of the kitchen parts also has a retractable tabletop should you need additional space for food preparation.

Aesthetics are practical and functional, elegant yet flexible to meet the changing needs of one’s lifestyle. Flexibility also pervades the bedrooms, where configurations are made to maximise space utilisation.

Since the units have a high ceiling, it is a simple matter to transform the bedrooms into a multi-level bed configuration, which allows for ample headroom and sufficient storage space. Take for example Bedroom Two that features double-decker super single beds, allowing two people to sleep comfortably in various positions. But that is not all. The stairs leading to the top bunk serves as a storage space, and the bottom level with the tatami bed has a compartment beneath.

On the other hand, Bedroom Three displays a retractable bed that can be converted into a desk for study or work. Every element has been thoughtfully chosen, their collective sum echoing the adage that less is more.

“The purpose of the show units is to exhibit the true value of space by utilising it to the fullest. We believe family is the most valuable possession we can have in our life, and as such, a good home is one where it is able to host everyone within it. And not just that, but to function as a catalyst for meaningful family interaction to happen. This reunion-styled decor is a nod to homebuyers that regardless of the space, we can all be united together in a loving environment,” said Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager (Central Region) of IJM Land.

Encompassing all your living needs

From a macro-perspective, Rimbun Aman presides over a strategic confluence, its placement being deliberate to synergies with nature and the built environment. Healthcare centres are within driving distance, and this is further complemented by the neighbouring shopping malls and educational facilities, forming a balanced live, work and play ecosystem.

Poised within the township of Seremban 2, residents get to enjoy a tranquil country atmosphere replete with green spaces. Numerous community-friendly facilities are interspersed within the dedicated 45-acres in total park space, uniquely designed and subtly positioned to foster friendship among the residents.

Take a short stroll down the idyllic paths of the 15-acres City Park, and you can bear witness to the wealth of activities, which range from basketball, kite-flying, tai chi, and more. A vast four-acre lake forms the park’s nexus, its cool expanse serving as a sublime treat for the eyes.

Crowning the apex of Seremban 2 is the 30 acres Hill Park which hosts a mini dinosaur-themed playing area, just the place for families with children to relax and be entertained. Those interested in a strenuous workout can check out Kepayang Hill, a renowned hiking trail among trekking enthusiasts. If the outdoors is not your style, then head inside the S2 Club, a community themed recreational club and sports complex that is bound to entertain.

“The perfect township constitutes various factors, and we are proud to state that Seremban 2 fulfils most of them. Homebuyers get to enjoy modern conveniences without the noise and pollution inherent in the city. At the same time, they are surrounded by a lush environment filled with the abundance of nature. We at IJM Land, are at the same time, proud yet humbled to be a positive force in enabling this healthy and vibrant community. This thought only drives us to continue providing more for society,” said Dato’ Hoo.

With regards to the town planning, the main arterial road system is prudently built to keep the bulk of traffic away from the residential precincts. Being a six-lane dual carriageway, it branches out into a network of roads that link to all sectors of the township, further facilitating the flow of movement.

Speaking of connectivity, residents have easy access to the North-South, ELITE and LEKAS Highway, making it a mere 45-minute drive from the township to Kuala Lumpur.

Not only that, a toll-free road connects directly to KLIA and KLIA 2. This accessibility allows residents to reach other points of interest within the capital of Malaysia and beyond. All these conveniences add up to create the perfect environment for families to prosper, grow and flourish.

To arrange for a private viewing or further inquiries, call 1800 222 456.

For more information on Rimbun Aman, please visit here.


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