Thailand tourism: “I’ll be back and I will earn RM191 billion in 2021”

Thailand tourism: “I’ll be back and I will earn RM191 billion in 2021”

Did you know that Bangkok has a new name? Read it here: Let’s travel to Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. Where’s that?

Some analysts predict that tourism will only be back to pre-covid-19 days in a few years. 2022 is said to be just a very slow recovery year. Here’s that predictions: Fitch Ratings says Asia Pacific tourism recovery will be slow. Of course another tourism product which Malaysia has advantage and is already leading all countries here in ASEAN would be the medical tourism. 1.2 million people travel to Malaysia just for this purpose yeah Recovery is definitely on the way as well.

Article in Reports in Bangkok Post said the authorities have set a goal of earning 1.5 trillion baht (RM191 billion) in 2021 once the elimination of the RT-PCR tests upon arrival and Test & Go scheme from May 2021. However, the Thailand Pass registration will remain for now with two requirements – a vaccine certificate and insurance coverage of at least US$10,000.

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the tourism and sports minister, previously said the government wanted at least seven-13 million foreign arrivals this year, generating 700 billion baht. Please do read the full article here: Article in

Thailand may not be joking yeah. It’s really a tourist magnet

In 2019, just Bangkok alone welcomed over 25 million tourists and this is second highest in the world for a city. Info source: Other popular destinations in Thailand include the following: (click here for the full article)


Where’s Kuala Lumpur then for tourist arrival among the world cities?

Kuala Lumpur is not too far away and is in fact within the top 10 in the world, though it’s at number 10. Two other major cities are also within the top 100 cities most visited in the world. Kuala Lumpur is followed by Johor Bahru (no prizes guessing visitors from which country yeah) and then Penang.

If the tourists increase for Thailand, it bodes well for Malaysia too

I am super certain of this fact. If people are feeling safe enough to travel, they would feel safe enough to travel anywhere and not just Thailand. This means that if Thailand can earn that RM191 billion, surely Malaysia can earn some big numbers too. I have no idea what would our Tourism Minister be predicting for 2021. Let’s hope it’s as good as pre-Covid-19? Happy travelling. Yes, I am writing this from a desk in a hotel somewhere in Port Dickson.

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