MRT 3 Circle Line

Taking MRT more often? Push and Pull are both needed.

Taking MRT more often? Push and Pull are both needed.

Many friends told me that the reason people take the MRT in Singapore is because it’s convenient. Sorry yeah, if this is the ONLY reason then you are not being realistic. In Singapore, the push factor is very strong too. Just to be entitled to drive a car, a driver would need to pay S$70,000 for a Certificate of Entitlement. (COE). Here’s that latest news about COE in If it’s true that everyone loves the MRT, why are people still bidding so high just to be entitled to buy a car. Car price is a separate matter and it’s in S$ yeah.

Want to buy my wife’s car, Proton Exora in Singapore? Second-hand? After buying, can drive another 7 years? Price as below: S$56,800 (RM179,000).

Convenient alone is not enough. Both Push and Pull is needed

Pull is easy. Make it as convenient as possible. Make the walking distance within 5 minutes from property developments or bus stops. Ensure easy access to the MRT stations. Connecting buses for example. Ensure the ticket is definitely cheap. For example, RM50 for unlimited rides per month? Make the station safe, make it a place where we could meet our friends and perhaps even having the MRT stations nearby as many offices as possible.

However pull is not enough. We need to push people towards it too. Reduce petrol subsidies and even take it away slowly. Make it much more expensive to drive. Do like Singapore, make anyone driving into city centre to pay and pay and pay everytime they pass through some roads. Increase the parking charges. Once it becomes too expensive to drive, then it will make more sense and cents for people to start deciding to take the public transport instead.

Article in A transport consultant Goh Bok Yen said, “No matter how good the public transport system is, without a good strategy in place to discourage the use of private vehicles, there is no way to encourage greater use of transit networks in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.”

Former deputy transport minister Aziz Kaprawi said it was crucial for transportation service providers to show that the transit systems were convenient, cheap and people-friendly. He also said that the government should also follow big cities like London and Singapore in introducing congestion charges and increasing parking rates throughout Kuala Lumpur. Do read the full article here: Article in

I look forward to more news about the progress of MRT 3 Circle Line too.

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