High Speed Rail. News. Images. Comparisons.

High Speed Rail. News. Images. Comparisons.

Ever since I took bullet trains non-stop in my trip to Japan, I have always been fascinated with high speed rail. I have been taken the Electrified Track System (ETS) and while the speed is nowhere near a bullet train but it’s super comfortable and thus far, on time most of the time. It’s unlike the situation when I drive. There are many potential delays, possibilities and more. Plus the fact that I may also feel sleepy when I drive which is dangerous too!

Now, let’s have some updates about High-Speed Rail operations.

One country leads the world by far… It’s China.

Image source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2022-04-18/high-speed-train-from-california-to-vegas-could-be-a-reality

What has happened between 2008 and 2020? It’s a WOW in China.

Source: https://i.redd.it/6hyb2m58wv581.jpg

How will China’s High-Speed Rail Network look like in 2035?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=belm4kDAHgM

What about United States? It is barely in the top 10 list for High-Speed Rail. Why?

United States of America is a country where people loves cars. That’s why when petrol price goes up, the people does restless as well. The politicians will then try and push oil companies to be responsible even if it’s not really something these oil companies can influence easily. It’s due to the current Russia-Ukraine war yeah… Here’s that news in thesundaily.my

Thus, more and more roads are built for people to drive and not more railway networks. One latest news is however a potential high-speed rail between Las Vegas to California. News here: bloomberg.com Just need to note that funding would be the issue since profitability is uncommon and may also take a very long time as well. This is why the government support is always necessary.

Malaysia’s High-Speed Rail?

It’s ongoing I think? I mean ongoing as in talking about it between both countries. Nothing has been agreed, nothing has been signed yet. High Speed Rail (HSR) KL – SG… really coming back. By the way all would also depend on whether the governments who signed the next deal remain the same too yeah. Too many times everyone has a different idea about what works and what does not. All the best.

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