Setapak as a residential choice? Condo or Landed.

Secondary property choices in KL are still available. A friend staying in Setapak told me that if she leaves office after 530pm, it is better that she continue working and leave after 8pm instead. No idea which part of Setapak that she is staying but I know that Setapak is a pretty popular area for students. This is because Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is there. It is located just 8 kilometres away from the KL city centre. In other words, during non-peak hours it’s just around 10 minutes away. Setapak is not a new neighbourhood. Thus, it has low cost flats and even newer developments. One latest one would be SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd’s Bennington Residences @ SkyArena.
setapak1What are some of the secondary condos available there? Well, I prefer a minimum size of 1,000 sq ft or higher and preferably below RM500,000 so as to be affordable enough for a family of 4. Seriously, the sub 1,000 sq ft or even the SOHOs are definitely suitable only for singles or couples without children.  Here are some of the available choices as per  Based on the size vs the price, Setapak does present some good opportunities. Yes, the jam needs some getting used but there’s also a LRT station for those who choose not to drive. Seri Rampai station.
setapakIn terms of malls for groceries, there are Carrefour, AEON, the Giant hypermarket, Wangsa Walk and the latest one called Setapak Sental. Many expressways connect Setapak to the outside world and they include Duta – Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) and the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). A check with would reveal an overview of Setapak for our easy reference as well. Check out the screenshot and if needed, feel free to check out more information as 
setapak2For those who must have landed properties, Setapak’s choices include the following too. I attached a screenshot from some of the available choices from property Again, these choices are definitely not going to be available in the many typical hotspots that everyone loves. Anyway, to be very honest, we have to get used to the environment as well. This is something I would advise those who wants bigger and better for lesser. Think secondary instead of only the hotspots or new developments. Happy deciding.
written on 24 Nov 2015
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  2. 1000 sf property costs thousands of MYR in KL. Setapak is a better choice for investments. Comparing 1000 sf room in KL is about 1500/mo while you can look for a decent room of 500mo rent at Setapak, you take a look at this,

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