LuLu and Malaysia, RM 1.3billion investment for retail

Another new comer into the hypermarket scenes coming. Yes, perhaps this particular segment install full of growth potential. Anyway, it’s also survival of the fittest. Look at the few brands which has already changed hands or name. It’s not easy. Margins are low as well. LuLu Group, the owner of the largest hypermarket chain in the Middle East will be rolling out 10 hypermarkets initially and will be investing RM1.3bil (US$300mil) in Malaysia’s retail market over the next two years. Its first hypermarket will be opened in Jalan Munshi Abdullah in Kuala Lumpur next February.
It is currently operating 118 hypermarkets and shopping malls in the Middle East and India and it said that it provides world-class shopping experience, highest quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Seems like this is not the usual affordable chains we have here but more of the boutique type of supermarkets? The ones I love to shop at but seldom buy a lot due to the prices? Hmm… Shall drop by next February to take a look. It will be open in following retail developers. They include Greenhill Resources Sdn Bhd (Setia City Mall), KLIA Properties Sdn Bhd (for their new project in Bangi) and PNB Commercial Sdn Bhd (Perling Mall in Johor Baru). Other hypermarkets would be in Kota Baru (Kelantan), Shah Alam (Selangor), Ipoh (Perak). Malacca, Penang and Kuala Terengganu. LuLu employs over 35,000 people and in Malaysia, the total workforce it will have would be 5,000.
I love to walk and shop along supermarket aisles. Many times, just getting to know new brands, new items and sometimes buying some new brands just to try them out. I feel this is a good therapy for stress. It’s not expensive too since these items are mostly food stuffs that I would be sharing with my family anyway. Compared to perhaps buying a new car? Haha. Anyway, I go to a supermarket no less than twice per week. Would definitely drop by this LuLu when it’s open. I do wonder why the name’s LuLu though. Happy shopping.
written on 23 Nov 2015
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