Gamuda JV will design and construct Singapore’s new MRT Line; Defu station and tunnels

Gamuda JV will design and construct Singapore’s new MRT Line; Defu station and tunnels

It’s always a good news to me when Malaysian companies are able to secure business overseas. Whether it’s property developers or even Ipoh white coffee. As long as it’s Malaysian companies finding success, it’s worth celebrating. Here’s another one which is considered our MRT builder; Gamuda.

Gamuda Bhd Singapore Branch (GBSB) has been awarded a RM1.45 billion design and construction work. Read more below.

Article in Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded Gamuda Bhd’s operating unit Gamuda Bhd Singapore Branch’s (GBSG) joint venture (JV) with Wai Fong Construction Pte Ltd, a design and construction contract for the proposed Defu station and tunnels, which form a part of Singapore’s 29km Cross Island Line Phase 1 (CRL1) mass rapid transit (MRT) line.

Gamuda said in a statement. “Commencement date for the Defu station and tunnels project is scheduled within the “second quarter of 2022”, while completion date is expected within 2030.”

“The Defu station and tunnel project is expected to contribute positively to the revenue and earnings of Gamuda Group for the financial year ending 31 July 2022,” Gamuda said. Article in

MRT is definitely key to economic activities

According to the report, this latest line will be Singapore’s 8th MRT line. Yes, 8th line versus Klang Valley with MRT Putrajaya Line (Line 2) on the way. Why does Singapore build so many MRT Lines anyway? The potential catalysts are huge.

Super briefly. MRT is important to connect people to places. When connectivity happens, then increase in consumption of goods and services will increase; economic activities. When increase in demand happens, then the supply would have to follow and this is where more businesses will start, hiring more people and well, more people would have more salaries too. The cycle continues.

Happy understanding.

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