Putrajaya monorail? Feasibility study?

Most of my friends have never been to Putrajaya for a ‘vacation.’ I say vacation because Putrajaya is like a city which is faraway and everyone believe there are other more exciting places. Perhaps they are right but there are certainly lots to see and do there. Some of the stuffs? Here: Things to do in Putrajaya. My general manager cycles there with his family once every few weeks. Recently, he did more than 15km because he was also playing Pokemon Go with his daughter. He said, it’s just so relaxing and the roads are friendlier to cyclists compared to his home in Cheras. Think about Cheras, the roads, the cars and cycling? Too risky, right.
Beyond just those relaxing activities, where public transportation is concerned, an article in freemalaysiatoday.com piqued my interest. It said that MMC Corporation Berhad (MMC) has submitted a proposal to the Economic Council (EC) to revive the Putrajaya Monorail project which had ‘died’ in 2014. Potentially, it can be completed by 2021, just in time to complement the completion of MRT 2 (Sg Buloh-Putrajaya). The deciding agency? Economic Planning Unit and other agencies. This was also mentioned, “For a start, the monorail station at Putrajaya Sentral will integrate with the first station of MRT 2, with seamless connection via an 84m skybridge.”
Before anyone with Putrajaya properties shout to the world about the potential capital appreciation, do note that Monorail wise, it’s normally within Putrajaya itself. The connectivity from Putrajaya to other areas and even to KL city centre would have to be via the MRT line. However, with monorail, it also meant that the Putrajaya MRT station would have more feeder connections and thus it will be much more busier and more connected to areas further away from the MRT station. I support any new developments for public transport as long as it is an initiative which can pay for itself or used by a huge number of people. Else, let’s focus on cheaper ways to connect people to stations. For example, on-time and high frequency feeder buses. (with air-con please).  Happy ‘vacationing’ in Putrajaya. I wonder when’s my next trip. I think end Nov is possible.
written on 27 Sept 2016
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