It’s time to listen, learn and decide. Look for your Home!

img-20160928-wa0000.jpgWhen I was in Singapore for a property show, I noticed that Singaporean investors love to listen to talks. This is the same even when the investor is an experienced one. I think this is one trait which Malaysians should also learn. Keep learning and keep updating ourselves because experience is important but the property market is always moving. I would love to attend a property show where the talks continue one after another. That would help me maximise my time in learning more about property market. For those who believe property is an investment or about the potential for the property market in Johor Bahru (Iskandar)? Refer to image.
Time to mark your calendar and attend talks from many different property speakers. They are converging in Johor Bahru from all over Malaysia and I think we should not miss the event. They include many big names including Dr. Daniele Gambero, Ishmael Ho, Khalil Adis, Rohaniah Noor, Mekanik Wang, Mohd Ali Majis, Khairul Anuar Mohamadiah, Kannan Rajaratnam. Event details as follows:
Venue: Plaza Angsana
Date: 14 – 16 October 2016 (10am – 10pm)
Come along with your family because there will also be lots of other activities to keep your kids entertained while you absorb all the knowledge you need and understand what’s available in the market today and in the near future. Happy learning.
written on 28 Sept 2016
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  1. Not just property but all kinds of talks. It ranges from Health, Financial, Investment, Properties and many others so long as the talks are free. Haha….true. They must be free otherwise Singaporeans won’t pay.
    On a serious note, they listen and note as many different view points as possible. It is a trend now esp. amongst the retirees to know the investment situations and most importantly to park their money when opportunities for better returns.
    Many are baby boomers just retired from workforce with much cash from CPF, Savings, Properties which were acquired decades ago on the cheap, and many others. They were the ones who build Singapore from 3rd to 1st World. The growth then was tremendous, from economy, housing, shares, and businesses and many today are millionaires. Singapore being small, and investment opportunities are limited and interest rates are so low, below inflation actually, banks FDs are almost pittance that everyone is hunting for better yields. So they attend talks to find opportunities.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly Fred. Find opportunities…. true.

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