Property Outlook 2017 – The BLT Perspective

bltpanelistIt’s the end of 2016. Was it an awesome year or best to forget? It’s okay, let’s get ready for 2017. If you are very interested with property investment and has ONE (1) day to spare, it’s time to quickly sign up and join the BLT Trio who has planned a day full of ‘Knowledge Absorption” for everyone. They have arranged many well known speakers and panelists including Miichael Yeoh, Chris Tan, Richard Oon, Ishmael Ho, Adrian Un, Daniele Gambero, KC Lau, Shan Saeed, Faizul Ridzuan, Prudence Wong. There are also two mystery panelists too. Do refer to image for more information. Some of these speakers have been involved in sharing their knowledge on personal finance for years. Some has been sharing stats because he believes stats say more than mere words. Some of them are still buying properties as they are able to sniff out good deals.
The integration between areas within the Klang Valley is starting to look good and this is the reason why opportunities may appear. Seriously, how many of us can afford to buy properties in the popular areas these days? Not even the high rises….Personally, I believe that we must have a BIG property investment goal. However, we can always start small. Having just 3 fully paid properties when we retire is very advantageous because money shrinks (inflation bites) and majority of Malaysians have little savings in EPF or use them up within months after retirement. Ready to learn and perhaps even take that MRT ride which is part of the programme? Register here. (Free for the first 50 readers. Once full, the system will inform you) 
The full agenda can be downloaded here:  Property Outlook 2017 – The BLT Perspective. 


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