If savings is the base of everything, we need a strong one.

Forget about it. Of course, it’s not always easy for me to think objectively before I buy something. So I do one extra thing which limited my spending. I bought a few savings cum insurance plans. Those where you either save on monthly or half yearly or yearly and after a period of say 20 years, you get some returns plus during that period, you get some form of insurance coverage. If you look at the return, it’s small but every month, my credit card will be debited and thus I ‘forced’ myself to save that amount automatically. It is not a habit but the effect is the same. By the way, I have not noticed all these ‘missing’ money for many years.
Planning is key.  Everyone loves a holiday. Last minute decisions are always costly, when it comes to holidays. Unless you have a boss who will kill you whenever you take leave, I am very sure you can tell him 4 months in advance that you are going on a holiday. It’s not just Air-Asia, you can get cheaper MAS fares when you buy ahead. We can also create an itineary and then book accommodation nearby to minimize our transportation costs. The last I counted, two of such planning saved me thousands. (Yes, for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids).
We may fail to see but actually just a few thoughts would save us much more money that what we get for our bonuses. Investment needs a conscious effort, of savings. Else, we do not have enough to build our wealth faster. Value of money will get smaller and stop thinking that in this whole world, only ringgit is getting smaller. Look at the average salaries of fresh graduates in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries including Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Then, compare it to the property prices. Everyone is also facing the same pressure. However, what we do would return us different results. Cheers.
written on 30 Dec 2016
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