Happy New Year and what about another resolution?

img_20161231_201206.jpgIt’s past midnight, so it’s now 2017. How many had just set your 2017 resolution? Property investment related? Making more money related? Or simply just buy that car of your dream? Please not just to buy new iPhone 8……Make a harder one.  Hey, I roasted turkey today. (Image) Haha. It was fun and merry and during conversations, nearly everyone I knew told me that they did not hit their 2016 resolutions. Well, maybe they set their resolutions too high. Or they set too few? Perhaps I am just too pragmatic. I have many different resolutions based on categories. So, I am bound to hit at least a few of them. Investment wise, I wanted to get a property and since I found something I like, I hit this resolution. For kopiandproperty.my, I was looking to hit 40,000 views per month by the end of 2016. It’s agonisingly close. Haha. 39,452. Highest ever since kopiandproperty.my started. I will consider this as hit too. 🙂  In my career, as I was put in-charge of a newly set-up team, I wanted to ensure the team learns fast and starts performing. Looking at my two managerial-level staffs today, I would say I have hit this too.
Okaylah, I failed in a few too. I wanted to hit 75kg. I am still at 78.5kg currently. Staying healthy is a priority because my kids are still so small. I really hope I can see both getting married and me holding my grandchildren. For property investment, I had wanted to get ready my Sandakan condo ready for rental. It is delayed. I had hoped that I could be more hardworking and write more articles for kopiandproperty.my It did not happen and my daily average remains the same. Come to think of it, all these failures were simply because I was just too lazy. Okay, now that all of you know that I must lose weight, we shall see what happens come 1st January 2018.
So, you see, 2016 is indeed a mixed year for me but I consider it a great blessing and just like all of you, I look forward to a ‘chicky 2017.’ (Year of the Chicken) When we look at hens, what does it teach us? It teaches us that working hard is compulsory (it constantly searches for worms). It teaches us that we must protect what we have (it will sit on its eggs till it hatches). Last but not least it teaches us that the focus is on long term. (It lays one egg at any one time BUT it does this throughout it’s life.) That last message is important, stop thinking that everything will be fast. Investment will always be for the long term. Happy taking more concrete actions in 2017 my dear readers.
written on 1st Jan 2017
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  1. Happy New Year to you Charles, one of my resolution is losing weight too, hope I can achieve that… Slowly but steadily…
    Investment wise, I hope to explore more into stocks and if good deal, property too.
    I contributed some counts for your 39k view monthly… =)

    1. Shuner, we practically have same goals!! Haha…. let’s do it well this year. Thanks for contributing to the over 39k.

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