MRT 3 Circle Line: All the latest details

MRT 3 Circle Line: All the latest details

There are many articles on MRT 3 Circle Line and every article may be sharing a few information and thus we may need to read them all in order to get one holistic view. Since I have read many of them, if not all of them, let me just summarise all the details about our MRT 3 Circle Line yeah. Sources for the information is also listed at the end so that if you like to read everyone of them, you could do so too.

#1 – Softer approach to get more to use public transport

Once this MRT 3 is completed, it will complete the KL urban rail network. (expected to encourage public transport usage).

#2 – Harder approach to get more to use public transport

Further measures to reduce congestion and pollution such as vehicle and environmental fees may be introduced after this MRT 3 is completed. This includes HIGHER parking fees for example. (These days, it’s probably RM3 per hour, how high can this number go I wonder)

#3 – Length of the alignment is 50.8km and it will be covering the perimeter of Kuala Lumpur

#4 – MRT 3 will be fully operational in 2030 and the first phase to start operations in 2028. (Read here for details) Similar to MRT Putrajaya Line lah. Read here for the details.

#5 – MRT 3 will consist of 40.1km of elevated tracks and 10.7km of underground tunnels with 31 stations, of which 10 will be interchange stations with existing rail lines in the Klang Valley.

#6 Of the 31 stations, 24 are elevated and 7 are underground ones. There will be park and ride facilities at 15 stations. (means half of the stations have parking facilities)

#7 – Total cost is RM31 billion and this does not include another RM8 billion which is estimation for land acquisition. (wow… for the land owners)

#8 – Proposed stations.

#9 – Transport Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong said, “The alignment will be connected to the existing rail network including the MRT1, MRT2, LRT (light-rail transit), monorail and KTM Komuter to form 10 new interchange stations for a more complete, integrated and efficient public transport system in the Klang Valley.”

#10 – Tender for MRT 3 will open in 2022 and will be done through 5 packages over a period of 6 to 8 years. It will be financed through hybrid funds like bonds, government guarantees and deferred payments.

#11 – Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) will issue government-guaranteed Islamic bonds of up to RM50 billion in financing for the Mass Rapid Transit 3 (MRT3) Circle Line project. Extra RM11 billion is set aside for payment of interest on sukuk and other costs.

To read the articles, they are as below:

Article in

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Article in

Hopefully everything will be smooth or perhaps even better than what was planned? Just trying to be optimistic that the company building this would have the experience and will not have much delays due to unforeseen circumstances including major flood…

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