MRT 3 Circle Line to start in phases starting 2028

MRT 3 Circle Line to start in phases starting 2028

I will keep updating on MRT yeah. I look forward to this coming to reality. Not because I have a lot of TOD properties lah. More for the continuous improvement of the public transport which will be a catalyst to many things. I also read that when MRT 3 Circle Line is ready, anyone driving to Kuala Lumpur city centre will have to pay more. It’s not just the parking which will be more expensive yeah.

Anyway, parking surely will be expensive because the car park returns must match that of property developments, else the owner will develop it instead of continuing to operate it as car park space yeah. It’s just about returns. When will MRT 3 Circle Line be ready? Actually, pretty acceptable date yeah. It will start in phases starting end 2028.

Article in Mass Rapid Transit 3 (MRT) Circle Line is expected to cost an estimated RM31 billion in construction and another RM8.4 billion in land acquisitions. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said the tender awards for the project will start from May 2022.

He said, “The packages are two turnkey contractors for elevated works, one turnkey contractor for underground works, one package for integrated rail systems and one project management consultant to work alongside MRT Corp as the project developer.”

“The procurement of these tenders will be through an open-tender process, which will begin this coming May, while the construction work tender is expected to be awarded in the fourth quarter of the year.

Wee said the MRT3 Circle Line developer was also planning to implement a common payment system to offer seamless travel for public transport commuters. Please do read here for full details: Article in

No matter who’s “in-charge” please continue this yeah

Enough of dilly-dally or further delays lah. MRT 3 Circle Line completes the MRT and LRT lines yeah. This is already acknowledged and written many times. So, accept it lah. The only issue is just the financing part. Just have to wait for more details. I am not a supporter of turnkey and I prefer the mode of project delivery partner and not turnkey. Then again, I am just a blogger. So, just have to accept whatever decision made. Happy deciding and hope everything will go according to plan or even earlier.

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