Investable antiques, get to know what, why and how.

Scarcity helps prop up value of properties. That’s why some of my friends would tell me that landed is forever good. High-rise meanwhile depends on the maintenance after some years. What about antiques then? I think it’s even more scarce and most of the time, it comes with ’emotions’ too. Perhaps some famous families have used these items. Specifically, antiques from Straits Chinese?
Let’s not talk about the millions that some SUPER RICH businessmen bought. Let’s talk about something we could actually learn, understand and perhaps think about it as another form of investment. If you are seriously thinking about investing in antiques next, this is one event you should not miss. There’s an upcoming ‘Straits Chinese Antique Auction’ which is being organised by MNP Auctioneers. (Yes, they are also the auction house appointed by Bank Negara for all its banknote auctions)  The exhibition itself where you can view and appreciate the items would start from 19 – 20 May (10am – 5pm). This would then be followed by the auction event itself on 21st May 2017. (Time is from 1030am onwards) Be there earlier to witness what happens during an antique auction event. For more details, do refer to the image attached. Happy visiting and investing.
written on 11 May 2017
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