Career ‘safety’, career growth and the investment actions to take

Salary may not be the sole desirability. A close friend confided in me that she felt left out in the organisation. She felt that she is doing a lot for the company but the recognitions are not forthcoming and many times, no one could see her contribution. So, she said she is thinking of leaving her company. This friend is very good at what she does. She has an accreditation for a special skill which is internationally recognized. In fact she receives job offers occasionally. How many of us face this situation today? The feeling that we are not appreciated enough? If you noticed though, my friend is not complaining about low pay. Money is very important to her but that part is okay. She has enough property investments to last her for a while if she really do resign without a new job offer.
Career growth not always necessary. I am not sure if my company would feel that it’s a loss if I were to leave. I know my Head of Department would feel so but these days, I have begun to understand that as the organization grows, it will change. There has been many new hiring for positions that pays a lot and these are positions that I do not qualify, not now and not likely in future too. Yes, I have received a couple of offers but I still think a stable 9 to 5 job fits me just fine. I already have one wife and two lovely kids who needs my attention too. I believe as long as I continue to put in lots of effort in doing what I am doing, I think my job is safe. I was speaking with a few HR professionals who’s already not that young. All have families and they shared that career growth is taking a backseat when compared to worklife-balance. I agree. Career growth no longer compulsory.
Property investment thoughts. In the mean time, where investments are concerned, I will continue to ‘flip’.’ Haha. I mean if the property I bought could really earn me enough down-payments for 2 (even if they are the cheaper ones), I would take advantage of the window of opportunity. One prominent property expert said that the slowdown in price has started and it will last for many years. Another said that the recovery should start middle 2018. Both could be right, depending on the type of property that they are targeting. With the number of new affordable homes coming out, let’s forget about prices doubling in a few years like the 2008 – 2012 period. With the slowdown in business growth, don’t hope that your luxury condo will suddenly jump in price. Maintaining the same price of 3 years ago would be considered a bonus, in my opinion.
I told my close friend that perhaps just LET IT GO. Perhaps not to think so much and just accept it as it is. Going confrontational is not her style and it’s not likely to yield much results too. In the mean time, she could focus on things that she like, for example a vacation. She did not reject my opinion but she did not support it too. I think her goal and mine may be slightly different. All the best to both of us in forging our own career paths. Both of us are 40 this year. We are from the best Chinese Zodiac; SNAKE. 😛
Written on 7 May 2017
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  1. I agree. Nowayears it’s more on balance between family and work. Furthermore, climbing up the corporate ladder is not the only way to achieve career satisfaction. There are many other ways now due to the proliferation of Internet to generate various side income and still be happy and content with life.
    SNAKE = flexibility!!!
    From a fire snake too.

    1. WOW… fellow ‘snake’. Haha… Yes,lots of opportunities these days.

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