Do we really want to work for money?

A question for all of us who’s reading today. Are we really working for money? Some would answer, of course not! I am working for my family. Cool, hopefully your family is already self-sufficient WITHOUT your money. I seriously believe if I were to ask Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or even my ex-CEO, all three would answer that they are not working for money. Their answer is a sincere one and I believe them. However, they are wealthy beyond the majority. That’s why we are still working for money. Many friends have complained about their companies in their Facebook and I am very sure even more did not do so but still dread waking up every morning to go to work. They hate their managers and yet have to smile at him for many more years UNLESS of course we can switch from not working for money to money working for us!
Since you are reading this article now, I think it’s important that all of us should have one major form of investment during our career life, way before our retirement. I say major because this is not unit trust investment which we can start doing and keep doing until we retire. It will give us good returns, hopefully double the fixed deposit rates. This is also not stock investing which if we can do what Warren Buffett does, it will make us richer than the majority. Remember, it’s stock investing and not stock ‘gambling.’ Yes, I am talking about property investment. It may be that RM300,000 or RM400,000 or even RM500,000 property. As long as we start early, the chances of getting a second property way before our retirement is definitely high. We often hear of how inflation will eat away most of what we have. Is this really the case?
Actually, most of the time, it is not inflation that eats away most of what we have. Most of the time, it is the need to look better than our peers that will eat away most of what we have. From the cars we drive to the phones we buy, the branded handbags that we must have and even the FIRST PROPERTY that we buy. The last one was not a joke. I have many friends who bought properties way above what they could afford and then struggle to pay for the renovations for many years. If the property appreciated very fast, then there is the chance that we can refinance / sell it to buy more. If the property did not really appreciate a lot and the overall price is even lower than our purchase price, then we have lost a lot of time. Time is essence when it comes to working for MORE money. If we are really working for money so that we can take care of our loved ones and all the things we care about, then it’s time we think about all the things we do today. Happy working for money yeah.
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written on 9 Feb 2017
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