RM2.5 billion sales target? No sweat. As for branding….

Times are slow. It’s hard to sell. So, should developers postpone or still launch? I personally think that the number of units being launched is not lesser than previously. These days, SMSes about new launches come to me every other day. However, with this huge new numbers, it meant that the prices would also have to adjust accordingly; downwards. According to Sun Tzu’ Art of War, “Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.” I think this is a sign for developers to continue launching new developments BUT with the right product at the right pricing levels. Based on the occasional news about the many successful launches where buyers camp overnights etc, perhaps the market demand is still there but the projects better be a good one. One developer has just confidently shared that it should hit its RM2.5 billion sales target for its financial year ending June 30 2017. Here’s the full article in thestar.com.my
alyaIts managing director Datuk Jauhari Hamidi said one major reason for the confidence is due to its launching of more than 2,000 affordable homes. Here’s an earlier article about it Sime Darby’s affordable housing project in City of Elmina He shared, “Affordable housing, that’s the theme. This financial year, we’ll be launching more than 2,000 affordable homes. It’s at the right pricing level. The prices are determined by the Government, so we should be hitting a good take-up rate.” Besides selling more of these affordable homes, Sime Darby is also seeking to boost its brand image. One such initiative is through the sponsorship of the WTA Malaysia Open 2017 tennis tournament. With this title sponsorship, it will be known as Alya WTA Malaysian Open 2017. Alya is a RM8 billion gross development value project in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. It is 8km from the city centre.
alya2I have many friends who play tennis. Somehow, they are always the richer lot when compared to my friends who play badminton or even squash. Perhaps this is the reason why Sime Darby Property Bhd is looking at the tennis tournament. Perhaps their target would also be foreigners who are also watching the tournament as well. Oh yeah, do you want to know how’s the reach for Alya whether directly or indirectly? Actually not too bad. It’s on a worldwide basis. Take a look at the image from google search bar. On a separate note, when we look at the typical prize money offered by either a tennis tournament versus a badminton tournament, the former would offer much higher payout. This sometimes help tremendously in alleviating the image of the sports and yes, the sponsors too. I love squash the most by the way but it’s impossible to get casual players to play squash with me. Sigh…  Happy watching your favourite sports and the sponsor’s brands yeah.
written on 9 Feb 2017
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