Covid-19 update. Vaccination remains key to reduce severity.

Covid-19 update. Vaccination remains key to reduce severity.

The below is not to tell us to stop wearing mask or stop social distancing or stop feeling worried. The below is to give an overview so that we are aware that vaccination is a very clear reason why the severity of the effects from Covid-19 continue to lessen. Omicron may spread much faster than Delta but if one is vaccinated, then the probability for the infection to become serious is much lower.

We can see total daily new cases are at all time new high… However, the total deaths have remained subdued. It’s not as high as one year ago and based on the current number of cases, the number is lower in ratio too. Both charts as below. Info source:

Yes, I was the first batch for Astra Zeneca (AZ) vaccinations when it was open for volunteers and it was so easy to register because no one was registering. At the time when I registered as a volunteer to be jabbed, already over 20 million people in Britain already vaccinated with AZ and yet people still continue to send that viral news about how dangerous AZ was…

Yes, I have completed by booster shot which is Pfizer. Nope, I did not wait for Sinovac because I do not think that it the best just because China has fewer cases. China has fewer cases because its policy is to aim at zero cases. It’s a different policy versus many countries and thus the low number is not because of the vaccine. To me, Sinovac is as effective as any other major brands with two doses. Period.

I was okay with Pfizer as booster because there has been so many research that showed mixing of vaccinates doses does boost the efficacy. These studies were not conducted in some unknown labs somewhere… Yes, I would have prefered AZ – AZ – AZ but I did not get the choice, so Pfizer is perfectly fine for me.

Yes, I have registered both my kids (7 and 9 years old) for PICKids on 11th February 2022. Update here.

I prefer to read facts and not some unverified viral news or some foolish statements including one recent one about Minister of Health trying to stop the Raya celebrations? Some people are just too free. Then again, perhaps it’s because people believe that these people continue to come up with sensational theories too.

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