Vaccination for children aged 5-11 starts. Have you registered?

Vaccination for children aged 5-11 starts. Have you registered?

Overview of what’s happened thus far

I have lost count of countries which have started vaccinations for children aged 5-11. America, Australia, China, the UK, many European nations, New Zealand, Singapore and more. However, no need to look too far for some statistics after the vaccinations. Singapore started in December 2021. This was what was reported as at January 19th 2022.

Full article in CNA here. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said, “No serious adverse events have been reported in children AGED 5-11 who have taken their COVID-19 vaccine as of end-December last year. The COVID-19 vaccination programme was rolled out to children aged five to 11 on Dec 2021.

Six reports of “non-serious” reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty vaccine representing 0.03 per cent of the 20,327 doses that were administered. Of the six cases, three were allergic reactions such as hives and swelling of the eyelids, face and lips, while there was one report each of dizziness, fever and fast breathing, HSA said in an update Full article in CNA here.

Here in Malaysia, starting from this week.

Article in Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that a total of 517,107 children aged five to 11 have been registered for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine by their parents up to Tuesday (1st Feb 2022)

He tweeted that this is about 15% of the total number of 3.6 million. He said, “Good start and @KKMPutrajaya (health ministry) will continue to communicate the benefits of getting vaxxed.” His hope is to have half of all the chidren in Malaysia to be vaccinated by end of February 2022. Selangor had the highest number of requests for the vaccines up to yesterday, with 131,500 registered under the immunisation programme for children (PICKids). Read the full article here: Article in

Overview of my personal decision

My daughter and son, aged 7 and 9 respectively has been registered and the vaccination date is on 11th February 2022. I personally think it’s best that they are fully protected even if vaccination does not guarantee that they will not be infected. Studies in Singapore has shown that after first dose, the antibody level is at 64% and after 2 doses, antibody rises to 96% (similar to adults). Read here for the article.

Anyway, it’s the same as when Astra Zeneca vaccine (AZ) was introduced in Malaysia and everyone says NO after some ‘sxxxxd’ viral sharing. They were too scared. As the first batch, I was able to register my wife and I within minutes. So, I was one of the earliest to get jabbed with AZ. My rationale was a very simple one, majority of everyone in the UK at that time was already vaccinated with AZ… Simple fact right?

Last but least in this overview is one latest news about Covid-19’s death for 5-11 year olds here in Malaysia. Article in “26 Covid-19 deaths involving 5 to 12-year-olds in last 6 months.” Over the past six-months, 147,282 unvaccinated children were infected with Covid-19. Article in

Remember, it’s your decision since young kids cannot decide for themselves

By the way, not a single line in this whole article says that as a parent you should bring your kids aged 5-11 for vaccination. My sharing is just information I read and all are from official media. Last but not least, remember, everyone has their rights, not just those who refused to be vaccinated. As someone vaccinated, my right is to be around fully vaccinated people like me. It’s your right not to be vaccinated. Happy deciding.

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