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2022 as per feng shui? Brighter Year. Teamwork is key. Good year indeed.

2022? Brighter Year. Teamwork is key. Good year indeed.

I think when it comes to the economy, it’s more common to look for forecast from some international rating agencies. For example, an earlier article here: Economy Malaysia: “Outlook is looking bright” However, there are also many who think that feng shui masters would also be able to predict the outlook for the economy in 2022. Here is an article quoting two feng shui masters, Kenny Hoo and Yap Boh Chu.

Article in malaymail.com Kenny Hoo said, “2022 will be a great year of volatility but will inspire countless new opportunities and business opportunities.” He also said, “Medicine and healthcare, electronics, telecommunications and high-tech products will have a more prosperous year in 2022.”

Hoo also mentioned that good relationship between Malaysia and China will help Malaysia to continue to prosper in the region, causing higher demand for many home-grown products.

Meanwhile Yap Boh Chu said that the road to success in 2022 is for those who pay attention to teamwork and cooperation. He said, “World tensions will ease and obstacles will be over through joint efforts.” Yap also said that the education sector will prosper in 2022, while the oil and gas industry will see better days ahead when compared to the previous years. Do read their full predictions in the article: Article in malaymail.com

“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together”

Just need to remember, teamwork will always be key. Meanwhile high tech will always be something which present never ending opportunities. As for Malaysia as a trading nation (top 25 in the whole world of 195 countries), it’s better to have good relationships with all our trading partners. Somehow though despite trade surplus, ringgit is not appreciating and yet some of those nations with high deficits are the ones where the currency strengthens. Now you know… Happy learning and all the best for 2022.

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