Buy property, get wife free.

In an article in Singapore’s major property portal, one property in Yogjakarta has attracted huge attention because when you buy that house, you can also get a wife free. No, it’s not a spelling mistake for WIFI. It’s the correct spelling for WIFE. Yes, buy that said property at the price the owner is asking for, the buyer gets the owner of the house as a wife too. Buy one property, get one ‘wifey.’ I have seen lots of marketing gimmicks but this is really a first. I think it should be legal because there are terms and conditions. As long as buyer is an adult, this is thus a deal between two consenting adults! I think one main condition would be the buyer must not have wife! Okay, the buyer can choose to buy just the house if he does not need a wife. If the buyer is a lady, I think she would not want a wife too.
The owner is the one on offer and she said that she accepted the idea from the property agent. She does not mind anyway since she is currently single. I assume when she said she is okay, it meant she is not just single but also available. The women has been the target of many media interviews and the real estate agent has received huge numbers of calls after his advertisement has been highlighted by everyone.
Seriously, this may sound like a joke but truth is, why not? After all, there are also lots of cupid clubs out there with lots of different activities to match make single ladies and men. I think if this ‘transaction’ ends with ‘and they lived happily ever after,’ more of such special offers may be coming soon. The only catch is that these single women should also own a home which is attractive in the first place. Oh yeah, the property price should also be affordable too.
written on 12 March 2015
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  1. This is some great marketing strategy! Great for the agent in fact!

    1. Yes KC. I don’t think many would repeat such offers though, definitely not in Malaysia. Hmm…

  2. This story has been reported in many other countries as well.
    Link to the original ad:
    Really amazing what a fresh idea can do.

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