Selling property with ambassadors, does it work?

Maybe six months ago, I got to know of a local developer with a project in a secondary town in Malaysia using ambassadors to sell its high-rise properties. The result was not good because even when my friend told me about the ambassador, I had to ask, ‘who is she?’ Can ambassador really sell a property? I mean it’s totally different versus a product like skin care. If the ambassador has a good skin texture, you may be tempted to buy because you want to look like the ambassador. If the ambassador is for a property project, I am not sure if I trust his words more than my own analysis. Of course, the additional attraction would be that the ambassador is a famous actor or singer and if I buy at the same place, I may be staying at the same place as them. Well, is this really a benefitt? Would they even be staying there when the project has been fully sold?
Okay, perhaps the question should be who would the ambassador be? For example, if the person is really extremely famous, perhaps it would make a difference? I think perhaps there is one advantage. When there are two properties, nearby each other, similar class but different designs and you love both, then you may just choose the one with a more famous ambassador. After all, that’s how everyone of the major brands are selling their products right? Latest one I saw would be David Beckham for H&M. If this is true, then the developers who wish to go this route better make sure they have sufficient budget to get someone ‘useful’. Otherwise, they might as well spend it on other medias instead of simply hiring someone ‘cheaper’ and in the end helped nothing like what happened to that local developer from a secondary town in Malaysia.
Final conclusion for me. Ambassadors would be at best secondary in terms of reasons to buy. All the other usual reasons remain primary and the key to the next property buy remain with the property and not any celebrity. Lastly, for the older folks who can afford to buy, they are not likely to buy because their idol is staying there. I think they are too old for these. For the not young but not too old folks like me, I have stated my opinion. For the younger ones unable to afford yet, no matter what ambassadors a developer may choose, it still does not change their ability to buy. Happy reading or buying.
written on 6 Mar 2015
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