Good advice. Avoid illiquid ones. Go for protective ones. Accept LOWer returns.

Property investment is one of the most illiquid form of investments there is unless of course we treat the real estate investment trust (REIT) as part of property investment. Buying a property would have taken months and selling would take even more months because of the price we want versus the price which the buyers could accept. Even just the start of reading and deciding the area to buy would have taken weeks and then the viewing starts… Anyway, just remember this. When we talk about investing into liquid class of investments, property is not one of them.

Article in Fund management experts said that investors should avoid speculative, low liquidity investments and switch to more protective asset classes, besides lowering their expectation of low single-digit returns. This is likely to be continuous until Malaysia’s economic recovery starts gaining strength.

Independent financial consultant and investment analyst Leong Hoe Kit said, “While BNM’s revised GDP growth estimates of -2% to 0.5% look more pessimistic, this is still premised on the fact that the coronavirus infections will peak in 1H20, whether this holds true or not, only time will tell.”

StashAway Malaysia Sdn Bhd country manager Wong Wai Ken said, “Every nation needs to make a choice between public health and safety versus the economic impact of the virus, and it’s clear that public health is now the primary concern for Malaysian policymakers. He added, “To stay invested, investors will need to switch their asset allocation to more protective asset classes like cash, bonds, gold and consumer staples. Their expectations should also shift to expect low single-digit returns, until a recovery becomes a more distinct possibility.” The article is a comprehensive one with more views. Do read it here: Article in

The above is an advice from fund management experts yeah. It’s like if you go to a property investment guru’s class, you will know that what he share will also be on the attractiveness of property investment versus other much more volatile investment options. Perhaps I could offer my advice too? I continue to believe in property investments and will definitely be investing if I found a good deal.

At the moment, I think I should put a little spare money into the stock market and just wait it out. We should never avoid diversification yeah which is why I have never stopped unit trust investments and have also added this as well. Read a bit and join me if you like. Let’s see if there is really something very attractive coming up suddenly yeah. Happy investing everyone and stay safe whether you are investing or staying home.

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