Why Penang could be the first place you buy a property right after MCO.

Penang was the place I started my career right. I got a job there 1 month after arriving home from Bristol Business School, UK in 1998. After that, I was working in Penang for 15 years. My daughter was born there too. I was already there before Karpal Singh Drive was ready, way before Penang was awarded the UNESCO Heritage City status and way before Queensbay mall was completed. Yea, the Penang when I was there until the time I left was a different one. Today, I am based in the Klang Valley. I have been here for the past 6.5 years. Add the 15 + 6.5 years and you could sort of guess my age. 🙂

By the way, it’s one of those places where you get MNCs paying you huge money as a senior manager and you could enjoy world famous delicious hawker food during lunch and during the weekends, the beach is a very short drive away. Oh yeah, let’s not even talk about the current Penang International Airport which has enough connectivities to many cities outside Malaysia too. Penang is also one place where holidays would mean it’s packed to the brim.

I bought my first property in Penang in 2002. I purchased my second one in 2004. Okay, as at today, I still have properties in Penang and have sold a couple because I needed some money to buy properties elsewhere… Let me share all these and perhaps you may also think fondly of Penang as I do. I am honoured to be invited by PropertyQueen for this FB Live session. Title of the session is, “Why Penang could be the first place you buy a property right after MCO.” I will share the LIVE session in my page too. See you on 11th April (Saturday) at 2pm yeah.

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