Atria: Not a lot though not too few at least

atriaI was at Atria today for the first time. The new mall which was rebuilt by OSK Property. Since it’s a public holiday, my expectations would be that everyone within the vicinity may be at the mall for shopping, socialising and even simply strolling and browsing. Well, there was a huge group of people, families with kids in the centre of the mall. Everyone was having fun and kids were all running and jumping in the huge inflatable playground. The theme of the day was Thomas and Friends. For those who do not know who is Thomas and Friends, click here: Thomas and Friends. So, there were perhaps a few hundred people having a great family time.
Well, for the rest of the shops, at least majority of them, very few people were inside the shops. Starbucks and Coffee Bean were both pretty full and the Pancake House was hugely popular. Perhaps the pancakes are really worth trying in my next visit. I strolled through every floor and the number of visitors really do seem lower than what I expected. Just before I left, I dropped by Village Grocer. Okay, I think grocery shopping remains very important. Everyone has to eat right? This floor, the Concourse Floor the concentration of all foods and beverage outlets and I think is the floor with the most number of visitors. Well, there were no floors without any visitors. The general feeling however is that without more visitors, some of these shops may not be renewing their contract when the term expires.
not many2I think ATRIA is a well designed mall. Reminds me of a more cooling and bigger Publika. No idea on which one has more shops, just a feeling. Of course, in terms of the types of brandnames, I would be more at home with Atria. Both however have many coffee related cafes which is a huge plus for coffee lovers like me. Oh yeah, read my views about Publika here: Publika Mall, small enough and busy enough for me I also feel ATRIA is more cooling. Perhaps their air-conditioning is still very new. Parking is also easy as it accepts Touch & GO as well. I seriously think ALL malls should have this facility today. Make it easy to drop by instead of queuing to pay for the parking. For those staying nearby, do appreciate your own neighbourhood mall because without sufficient support, many of these neighbourhood malls would not last long. The fortunate thing is, ATRIA is owned by OSK Property which is considered a financially strong developer. Happy visiting ATRIA.
written on 16 Sept 2015
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  1. It is Village Grocer, not Jaya Grocer. The latter is scheduled to surface in The Starling in Damansara Uptown, next year.

    1. Thanks Kevlos. My bad, have edited. Take care!

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