Why Plasma TV instead of Smart LED TV. (for my new condo)

Charles, why did you buy Plasma TV instead of LED TV? You do not know Plasma TV is an outdated technology? Today, everyone is talking about SMART LED TV. This was not just one remark but was one of many. To be honest, I know it is an older technology. However, do you know what is outdated? Outdated means something has expired. Tell me honestly, how long has Plasma TV been around? It has been around when LCD TV first started. From LCD, it went to LED and today, SMART LED. After all these years, LCD has been replaced, LED technology continued to be improved and SMART LED today. Yet, Plasma TV is STILL selling? let me tell you just three reasons why I bought Plasma TV.
wpid-IMG_20140309_151053.jpgAffordability. I should just say I am stingy but it was really cheap! RM1,600 for a 51 inch Samsung Plasma TV in Harvey Norman. First, you cannot buy any LED TV which is same size. Secondly, it is less than half the price of a slightly smaller SMART LED TV. With the huge savings, think of the surround sound home theatre system that I can easily buy? Alternatively what about a very cosy L shaped Sofa Set with soft fabric cover which is washable? I could go on, but it is ok, you get what I mean. RM1,600 vs RM4,000 was a very easy choice.
Entertainment Value. You watch a great movie on your SMART LED TV and I watch the same movie on mine. To be honest, go read expert opinions, I may just enjoy it very slightly more than you, especially if it is an action packed movie. Do look at the comparison chart which can be found online easily. Okay, let’s assume we draw on this one. Then, tell me why are you paying so much to ‘draw’ with me?
Long term viability. Some one would now scream, but LED TV lasts longer! A Plasma TV may last anywhere from 20,000 – 60,000 hours. Let’s assume it lasts only 20,000 hours and everyday I watch 8 hours which I don’t. Do you know how long would it take for the Plasma TV to ‘die’? Only around 7 years. Don’t tell me you want to watch the exact same size, same design, same technology SMART LED TV for more than 7 years? FYI, after watching my PLASMA TV for 2 years, I can buy a SMARTER LED TV for less than half the price you pay today and I can almost tell you that even the size will be larger than yours. Oh yeah, by then, I have TWO TVs, one same size as you in my master-room and another SMARTER and BIGGER in my living room.
compareSorry, I did not even want to start about internet or whatever Smart features there are. Trust me, I would not need them as much as paying so much extra. If you do, great, Smart LED TV is for you. I also know, majority will still buy Smart LED TV but that’s the reason why I can buy mine so cheap. I must still say thank you for helping to support my decision. I also know that some friends who come to my house in near future would ask, ‘That’s Plasma TV?’ I would smile and tell them, yes, ‘I bought plasma TV instead of LED TV.
written on 12 March 2014
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  1. Kavinash avatar

    Perfect reasoning Cheap and Best

    1. You are the one who told me about the pros n cons. Thks.

  2. The only drawback of using Plasma is higher power comsuption than LED TV. LED TV is always better in energy saving, nevertheless, it does not make a big difference whether plasma or LED TV to see the HD format movie or DVD unless to those blue ray fan which require high picture resolution, in fact, personally, it is not necessary as i can see that HD format is already up to my expectation. morever, plasma is more advantage in fast moving picture and natural colour although sharpness is better for LED TV.
    Lastly, it still goes back to individual expectation and priority, for me, budget is the main concern, and i will choose LED TV if the price is not much difference, or else, Plasma is my first consideration as well : )

    1. Haha. Good analysis ang.

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