My investment portfolio – today.

Everyone has their personal investment portfolio. Some write it down in excel and keep updating it. Some would ask the wife to keep track. I did start an excel sheet which I listed down things that I invest every month but I guess I no longer update that sheet. Despite the fact that I seem to love property tremendously, I do not put 90% into property. That might be suicidal. I have the following investments that I do on a monthly basis.
Fixed Deposit. This is the only portion that I do not keep adding on a monthly basis. I think I have enough for 6 months if I lose my job but that’s about it. I feel that my unit trusts and stocks can easily take over this function of FD but just for FD’s sake, I did save enough for 6 months. Thus, on a monthly basis, it is zero these days.
Unit Trust. I started buying this many years ago. Now, on a monthly basis, 10% of my portfolio is unit trust. I do not buy just the bond fund. Far from it. I invest in no less than 6 different funds. Some of it selected by me personally while the rest set by my brother-in-law. There are advantage in having a brother-in-law who sells unit trusts. I also do not withdraw EPF for this purpose. I prefer EPF to be EPF.
Stock market. A lot of people ask, what stock do I buy. Are they blue chip? I said yes, but the blue chip that I buy is based on my own analysis. Three examples. 1) Zero Debts.  2)Something I know well  3)Preferably in a high growth industry (high end technology) or a must have industry; for example, pharmaceutical.  Thus far, I think I have done pretty well based on my own analysis. I roughly calculated that if I sell all my stocks now, I should double my investments easily and for the stocks I hold, despite current economic slowdown etc, it has performed well. None of them are speculative stocks which goes up and down a lot every week. This is 5-10% of my portfolio. It does not need to be Malaysian company but thus far, all of my portfolio are Malaysian based companies.
Insurances / savings plan. This is another 10%. So, yes, I save a lot. Beneficiary is my wife. I feel this is a responsibility even if the returns are just so paltry. My agent does not need to pester me. Normally I call and ask her to prepare a plan for me and she would just deliver it to me the next day. There’s a good plan by BSN. A 24 months savings plan which gives close to FD rate but is actually a savings plan. Go check it out.
Property. Hey, we finally reach my favourite. This takes up 35% at this moment. However, once I sell off my Penang properties, it should go down to just 20% of my income and I have room to buy other properties. I prefer this to be capped at max of 40% of my portfolio. Anything higher, I feel unsafe.
I did not include my car loan because the amount is not high. I drive a very good Segment B car; Persona. 4 years already and fyi, power windows are working just fine. This portfolio has been changing throughout the years. Stocks used to be very high until the day I started property investment which has been very positive thus far.
This is my portfolio at this moment but as I grow older I may adjust this to be even more conservative. Will update everyone in future.
written on 13 March 2014
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