Which is the oldest country / region in East Asia as at 2020?

Which is the oldest country / region in East Asia as at 2020

To understand the significance of population, read this article: Population collapse will happen in future. Now, answer this question. Which country / region is the oldest in East Asia? Japan? Yeah, you have guessed right. The median age for Japan is 48. What this meant is that most people you will meet in Japan is generally as old as 50 years old. The younger ones are far fewer. While I did not notice this in my last trip to Japan, I think when I visit Japan again in a few years’ time, I think I will notice it in the next trip.

Japan’s abandoned homes (Akiya)

By the way, there are an estimated 8 million abandoned homes in rural Japan. The selling price of these homes could be as low as US$500 (RM2062). The local government just want people to move there and repopulate the area. Here’s that article for reference. Many of these abandoned homes were left empty after relatives died or when people moved away. By the way, they are not looking for foreigners yeah. They are looking for Japanese who’s willing to move back to these rural areas.

As for all the other country / region in East Asia, their median age is as below. Image source: Statista.com

Other selected country and their median age

Singapore – Median Age is 42

Thailand – Median Age is 40

Indonesia – Median Age is 30

Malaysia – Median Age is 29

Info source: worldometers.info

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