When Three becomes One; Thailand – KL – Singapore HSR

There’s an interesting article everyone thinking of long term investment should note. More integration between ASEAN countries is always good. Bangkok-KL – Singapore High Speed Rail. Here’s the article in Bangkok Post. Yes, in brief, this will form part of China’s One Belt One Road initiative. If Bangkok is connected to Kuala Lumpur, it meant that it will then be connected all the way to Singapore. Now it gets interesting. Breakfast in Singapore, Lunch in KL and Dinner in Bangkok! How cool is that. Perhaps even supper at some other cities in Thailand. I am already thinking of the European train network which was extensive enough for me when I was travelling between 7 countries previously.
According to the article, Thailand and Malaysia will be discussing about the 1,400km high-speed railway that will connect Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur in 6 hours. Flight time from Bangkok to Singapore is around 2.5 hours. 2 hours check in on both sides meant total time taken is around 6.5 hours. Bangkok to Singapore would take around 9.5 hours which is 3 hours extra. The difference being we can stop in some towns we want and we can take a lot more photos too. Not for business travellers lah but for casual travellers, why not? It’s more advantageous! 500km of the 1,400km would be within Malaysia and the high speed trains would be running up to 250km per hour.
There’s little need to think too much. Even the High Speed Rail KL – Singapore took many years before finally, an agreement is due to be signed in December 2016. However, I plan to be very positive because there’s so much good things that may come out of it economically. One day, when three becomes one. Thailand – KL – Singapore High Speed Rail. Happy following.
written on 23 Nov 2016
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    Flight time SIN-BKK is 2.5 hrs.
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    1. Oh, noted. Edited too. Thank you Foo.

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