That ‘SCARY’ article about US$100 billion Chinese investment in Iskandar

I just read an article with a rather negative outlook about Iskandar. Or is it just Iskandar? If the article is true,  it will not just be isolated to Iskandar alone. I HOPE this does not mean Singapore’s economy is also not growing because to expect them to grow further in population and even economically meant that Iskandar should play its part. Be realistic, there’s only so much reclamation Singapore can do and reclamation is also very expensive. Think objectively about the current HDB flat prices and a doubling of the population in Singapore.   Still okay? Then, forget about my article then. Keep following all these awesome articles then. Here it is: This $100 Billion Chinese-Made City Near Singapore Is ‘Scaring Everybody’
Sometimes I do wonder what’s the real motive in writing the article. If it is supposed to be a neutral article giving more information for people to decide, it has failed. To stop people from investing in Iskandar? To really scare everybody so that it is not affecting just Iskandar but the whole of Malaysia? Read the article carefully, when Iskandar falls, it may pull the whole Malaysia with it. Stop thinking that buying a condo in KL is safer. Do you really believe all these foreign investors know South East Asia? Or do you think they know us from the stereotypes they have about us? Seriously, if all the countries are down, would they really still come to one particular country to invest? Do we even believe that the China investments are here in Malaysia simply because of us and us alone? Or do you think they are also thinking of having a base within ASEAN to also expand within ASEAN?
By the way, when the regional sentiment is negative, every country within the region is affected. Yes, even if that particular country is a fully-developed country. Invest for what? That particular country cannot even be a base to export to all other ASEAN nations if all other ASEAN nations are in trouble! Anyway, does not matter. Just read more of everything and believe what we want. is just a small property blog anyway. Cheers.
written on 23 Nov 2016
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  1. It seems that you disagree on the article’s implied argument about the potential long-term oversupply issue at Iskandar. Is that mainly due to the belief that SG is running out of land for its growing population?
    I personally think that this article is interesting and informative as it provides a perspective for investor to understand the property sector at Iskandar and the inflow of China investment into this region.

    1. I agree article is informative. As for long term oversupply, the article does not state explicitly so. It just say it’s scary n stated the total units but did not mention when are they going to be completed too. The article did not say anything about SG govt plan to have 6.9 million population which I think is key to have broader picture. The article provided a few points but no detail. For me I think there are reasons why SG is having so many G to G agreements with Msia. HSR, RTS, Temasik investments in Island at etc. Cheers.

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