When the world recovers, our exports move up. 63% up in April 2021.

I am against full lockdown. The issue was never about lockdown or no lockdown. Look at the basics of the issue. It is the people’s compliance. People who despite being advised against STILL WENT to another state. People who STILL WENT to someone else’s home and have a gathering. Sigh… If you want, you can also include the enforcement which could have been better. Anyway, my opinion does not matter since it has already been decided that we will have full lockdown for the next 14 days from tomorrow.

So, yes, let’s just make sure we make best use of this lockdown by STAYING HOME yeah. Now, with regards to the world economic recovery, it is also quite real yeah. As a trading nation, Malaysia has benefited from this upheaval in demand for goods and our trade numbers reflect this trend too. In fact, our April 2021 number is really a positive one. Positive as in export numbers lah, stop thinking about positive COVID-19 numbers for a while.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com Moody’s Analytics said in a note today that the country’s burgeoning trade performance has been a bright spot among Southeast Asia economies.

“Exports surged by 63% YoY, but the strong growth rate is inflated by the low base effect, when exports nosedived during the peak of the pandemic and the subsequent full lockdown last year. But on an encouraging note, exports still rose by 0.6% month-on-month,” it said.

Exports of agricultural goods increased by 66.9% YoY to RM7.8 billion and mining rose by 24.5% YoY up to RM5.7 billion. Trade surplus came in at RM20.48 billion in April while imports stood at RM85.1 billion. Full article here: Article in themalaysianreserve.com

No one forwarding good news

I do no think any of you received this positive news in your Whatsapp. Positive news do not get forwarded and it usually gets much lower clicks in kopiandproperty.my too. It’s okay, I will still write. So, I have to write and send to everyone lah. If you are in the export-related sectors, thank you for such a good job. Please do keep it up. Continue to operate as best you could even though there will now be many restrictions with the impending Full MCO starting tomorrow. At the moment, all of you are what is moving the economy by sending goods and services to the world who demands them. Thank you very much and stay safe.

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