Over 200,000 visitors to Langkawi every month in 2022?

Over 200,000 visitors to Langkawi every month in 2022?

Visiting Langkawi, anyone?

At least 4-5 friends I know have visited Langkawi within the past few weeks. Most of them are staying in the 5 star hotel / resorts and they usually stay a few days. I think they are within the over 200,000 visitors on average which is being targeted by Langkawi. Do read the below article as to how this average of over 200,000 visitors in 2022 for Langkawi can come true.

Article in The Kedah State Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman Mohd Firdaus Ahmad said that the state government has set a target of attracting 2.5 million visitors to Langkawi island by this year. This is especially due to the reopening of Malaysia’s borders.

He said, “The 2.5 million target is higher than the earlier target of 2.2 million visitors arrival, comprising domestic visitors and international travellers.”

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Nassaruddin said the agency has planned several high-impact events to boost visitor arrivals to Langkawi including Ironman Malaysia Langkawi, Le Tour de Langkawi, Langkawi International Beach Soccer and Asean International Course on UNESCO Geopark. He said, “Langkawi is also offering new attractions such as Splash Out, Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park and MAHA Tower.” Do read here for more details. Article in

If on average over 200,000 visitors visit Langkawi?

It will be pretty crazy yeah. 200,000 visitors could occupy 100,000 rooms. That’s an occupancy of 3,333 rooms per night if we divide this number of rooms needed over 30 days. Definitely a healthy number. Not to mention that if everyone spends just RM150 per day, that’s RM30 million per month yeah. Multiplier effect of 4, that’s RM120 million for the Langkawi economy every month. 🙂

Of course… if the target does not materialise, then all these numbers would not happen. All the best to Langkawi yeah. Who knows maybe their number will include 4 people from me and family too.

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