Air Asia X. KL – Sydney flights restarting 14th Feb 2022

KL – Sydney flights restarting 14th Feb 2022

What is so significant about this flight restarting? Not about Valentine’s Day lah. Actually it carries a lot of meaning. This is a flight between two countries which are still doing their best to contain the Omicron which has been terrorizing the world for many months. In other words, the direction for both sides is towards normalisation; going back to norm versus full lockdowns as adopted by all countries previously.

Here are the details of the flight frequency and the flight ticket prices.

Article in AirAsia X (AAX) is resuming its commercial service post pandemic between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney from February 14. As a start, there would be flights on Mondays from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney and returning on Tuesdays starting 14 February 2022 to 22 March 2022.

Fares will start from RM1,399 one way all-inclusive* on Economy or guests can choose to experience our Premium Flatbed from RM3,999. From Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, fares start from AUD399 and AUD1,299 one way all-inclusive* respectively. For more details do visit the full article here: Article in

What’s next after this?

Would the number of flights be increased a few weeks after restarting? Would it be full in the first flight? Who’s thinking of going on a vacation now? Or perhaps the flights are targeted at people wishing to visit their loved ones instead? All these are just secondary questions in my opinion.

What’s most important is that the air link between two countries is now reestablished and certainly more would follow. Whether it’s going to be Air Asia X or even other airlines too. I do wish we would have more of these announcements in the very near future too. Remember, Omicron is still around but so are the resilience of people. Norm may just be living with Covid-19 cases under control versus zero cases which may not happen. Happy New 2022.

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