The effects from a new President is felt all over the world; investment wise.

trump2The whole world was in a shock, especially the stock market and oil prices dropped until President Donald Trump’s speech. He praised Clinton and then urged Americans to “come together as one united people.” Yes, the campaign was an extremely divisive and hurtful one for those who were following both candidates closely. Read again and understand that the whole world reacted negatively because of his win and then managed to calm down slightly after his speech. Nothing has changed thus far, agree? With Trump’s latest message, let’s see if he is still carrying out everything that he said earlier. The full article about all the oil, currency and stock movements? Read here, by DailyMail. Moving on, this was what Capital Economics said in a note, “Will he be the demagogue from the campaign trail who threatened to lock up his political opponents, punish the media, build border walls and start a global trade war?” Full article in TheStar here.
The media have some smart chief editors. Writing way too much negative news help no one, especially one that is still based on pure speculation about what the new President may or may not do. As for the editor of, his views remains the same. Investments are for the long term and uncertainty is quite usual for opportunities to surface. The only question is whether we do anything about it, say too many things about it or even do nothing about it. By the way, there are now speculation that the Federal Reserve will NOT increase the rates next month due to the sudden rise in uncertainty. Haha. The Federal Reserve is scared of their own President? Hey, would Trump change the Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen? I hope not, there’s really no need to rock the boat. Both are on the same boat actually. 🙂
Okay, I think I have written enough about one President so faraway. Let me focus on KL properties for the next article. Or perhaps it’s time for another Penang property related article? A good friend said, ‘wah, you even write about Trump yeah?’ Well, he has affected the world investment sentiment. Of course he deserves an article, or two including this one. Happy following yeah.
written on 9 Nov 2016
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  1. $1 sgd just crossed $3.21myr… is something brewing in msia? Extremely poor 3Q GDP numbers or political?

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