Stay serious. It will ‘Green’ Malacca and all other cities.

I think I have written before on this. There can be thousands of laws to tell developers to behave but if no enforcement is carried out, this will come to nought. This may have happened in Melaka but it should happen in every city that we have here in Malaysia. Profit oriented is fine but never at the expense of the bigger picture or the environment. Long time ago, developers may claim they do not know but today if you are a developer it is best to be aware that the enforcement officers may be nearby and may find and fine you anytime.
In Melaka recently, a property development company is facing a fine of RM966,000 for cutting down 19 trees of more than 30 years in Melaka Raya. It does not end with the fine, according to Melaka Historical City Council (MBMB) secretary Mohd Derus Che Mat, the company was also ordered to replant the trees within two weeks. In fact the developer has already hired contractor to replant them. He said, “The state government is serious about this because Melaka is a green technology city.” For 2015, a total of RM7 million has been allocated for maintaining and planting of trees.
I love Melaka and I go Melaka on a yearly basis. However I still think Melaka city can plant more trees. Many of the popular spots are very hot due to little cover from trees and even if cars are prohibited, not many would want to walk along these roads. Planting more trees is important and therefore, any ‘clever’ developer seeking short cuts must be fined so that these felling of trees do not increase indiscriminately. Public can play the role of whistle-blower and Melaka can be truly a GREEN city in the future. Perhaps Melaka can become a FINE city?
written on 1 May 2015
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