Cheapest and most expensive in Mont Kiara

Read an interesting list in  It showed the cheapest projects and the most expensive projects in Mont Kiara. As usual, I have little interest in the most expensive. What about the cheapest? Since Mont Kiara is considered a very good area to stay in? Well, according to the charts, the cheapest condo in Mont Kiara is Lanai Kiara. It’s just RM433 per sf. Yes, I think those staying here may feel a little sad as they are staying in a condo which is at the bottom of the whole area. Take a look at what I found being listed. (updated on 5th April 2016) 
Lanaikiara1Referring to (image beside) we wouldn’t that this project was completed 18 years ago. Perhaps this is why the prices are no longer crazily moving up. Well generally it looks ok and if Mont Kiara is must location for you and family, perhaps this is worth a few viewings. These days, owners are more willing to listen to your offer too.
vervesuitekiaraAccording to the same report, the most expensive condo in Mont Kiara is Verve Suites, at RM1,086 per sf. Let’s look at some of the listings. (Updated on 5th April 2016.) It does look a little more modern, right? Okay, the size is also by far smaller too. A check at revealed that the project was completed just 3 years ago. (Image beside.)
I hope it is now clear that the ‘most expensive’ or the cheapest’ may not actually be comparable! Haha. Please, take a look at the size. One is fit only for a single or at most, a couple while another one is fit for a nice family of 4 or 5. I have not been to both projects but my reasoning remain very clear. If you need just a roof over your head and does not want to pay too high and STILL want to stay in an area considered upscale, then Verve Suites suits you. Please do not think too much about the unit rising to RM600,000 in the near future. This would only happen if the whole area increases in prices too.
If however you need a landed property sufficient for a family with a budget of less than RM1 million, please skip Mont Kiara and think further away. If you are like me, a condo of 1,600 sf or higher is sufficient and still have a budget of less than RM1 million, I think Mont Kiara is still a choice today. Note though that the Mont Kiara of yesterday is not the same as today. There are many more condo units there nowadays compared to the greener environment when it first started. Not that it matters since the address is Mont Kiara, right? Haha. I do not stay in Mont Kiara though I like to stroll Publika.
written on 9 May 2015, updated on 5 Apr with latest property listings and on 7 Aug 2016 with report.
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