RTS makes more sense, HSR can wait

I wrote about this quite some time back, arguing that Johor and Singapore must have more links. Read here: Yes, if LINKS are provided I think Iskandar is okay Today, I read in the news that the proposed Rapid Transit System (RTS) may come true. According to the Johor Public Works, Rural and Regional Development committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad, a joint announcement would be made by the Prime Ministers of both countries (Malaysia and Singapore) in May. (Well, most probably)
This is great news not just for Iskandar as a real estate destination but also for the thousands of Malaysians working in Singapore who is staying in a tiny little room there and paying S$700 or more for it. They had no choice because it could take easily 2 hours during peak hours to get into Singapore from Johor Bahru. Else, they would have to wake up at 530am everyday and only reach home by 930pm or later at night. My good friend’s brother is STILL doing it, daily. I have to salute him. My best friend used to do it for 5 years. He’s now fully based in Singapore.
The RTS would be up and running by 2018 while the High Speed Rail will be delayed to 2022 from 2020. The terminating station would be Bukit Chagar and RTS will help tremendously in boosting the Johor Bahru city transformation project. It will improve connective it and accessibility between both sides. Better connectivity means more business opportunities too which is great for both countries. A total of 100,000 vehicles uses the Johor Causeway daily.
Singaporean SMEs can grow more efficiently too to fight against the world outside. Read here:Singapore’s future growth potential depends on local SMEs As usual the retail sector in JB would benefit tremendously too. Yeah, as usual, it may also cause prices to increase but there is really little choice. Before Iskandar, the property prices in Johor Bahru actually went down when compared to Klang Valley or Penang. (Source: Ho Chin Soon’s good books, do go buy a few copies to refer)  Happy believing or stop reading about Iskandar and concentrate on other cities.
written on 23 Feb 2016
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