The road to millions, or billions, please be alert

In Facebook and everywhere online these days, many ‘sponsored ads’ appear and tells us how we can be millionaires if we click on the link or attend some workshops and seminars. Let me be very direct on these adverts. IF the person advertising can become millionaires easily, then why advertise in anymore? Come on, the first person that he is able to turn into a millionaire would tell his whole family. When his whole family becomes millionaires, then news can spread like wild fire and after some time, this advertiser actually have way too many students that he may not want to advertise anymore or at all. Not true?
The younger generations of today seems to like everything fast. Faster phones, faster cars, faster recognition (even if bought ones) and perhaps faster to be super rich. Working hard for a few years to afford one tiny apartment? Not a great choice. It’s best with a little investment but with a huge return. It’s even better if one does not have to start with any savings at all. Come on, there are lots of advertisements out there teaching one how to buy anything and everything without a downpayment. Yes, I am not just talking about property but also electrical goods, smartphones, branded handbags and more. Do note that none of the advertisements would tell you ‘no debts’. It tells you ‘no downpayment.’ This is one major reason why bubble will always build up.
Yes, I agree, I am from the older generation where before you expect the company to treat you well, you may well have to work hard and perform FIRST. I am also one who believes that investment would give me good returns but only after a few years and certainly not immediate. I am also one who would rather buy a little far away with a calculated risk and perhaps a lower return BUT I would not buy any hotspot properties at a premium with the thought of earning even more because its already a hotspot. Remember, when we are greedy, we can be cheated easily. 
Note though that I am not from a too old generation where one home is all that’s needed. I no longer believe that we should have just one home. At least 2. One for own stay, one for investment so that when we need money at the end of our working lives, we do have one asset which we can sell and use the proceeds to live almost the same as before we retire. Stop hoping, start investing.
written on 2 May 2015
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    dave hoo

    would you mind to explain how does the “scam” work? i’m sure this will be very beneficial to your readers, particularly the younger ones.

    1. Dave, there’s no free lunch. If an offer is too awesome, you would not be the first one to know. Scams come in every form and gets better over time. Greed is normally the cause of being cheated. thanks.

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    dave hoo


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