40 percent of the richest Malaysians are property related.

The latest list of top 50 richest Malaysians is here. It’s an annual list and it looks into the wealth of the 50 richest Malaysians. This list is from Forbes. Who’s in and who’s out? Since this is kopiandproperty.my, we look a little deeper into the list with a focus on all the ones who are related to property yeah. If you like to dive into the full list, click here for the Full list of top 50 richest Malaysians in Forbes.com here.

Within the first 10, we have the following person, their wealth and the business they are in:

#1 Robert Kuok – US$12.2 billion – palm oil, shipping, property

#2 Quek Leng Chan – US$9.6 billion – banking, property

#3 – Koon Poh Keong & siblings – US$6.4 billion – aluminium

#4 – Ananda Krishnan – US$5.8 billion – telecoms, media, oil-services

#5 – Teh Hong Piow – US$5.5 billion – banking

#6 – Lee Yeow Chor & Yeow Seng – US$4.9 billion – palm oil, property

#7 – Kuan Kam Hon – US$3.8 billion – rubber gloves

#8 – Lim Wee Chai – US$4.9 billion – rubber gloves

#9 – Chen Lip Keong – US$3.4 billion – casinos, property, energy

#10 – Tan Yu Yeh & Yu Wei – US$2.7 billion – retailing

What’s the actual percentage for ‘property’ then?

I hope it’s clear to everyone that ‘property’ is repeated in 40 percent of all the top 10 yeah. I have also looked through the remaining richest Malaysians an I can tell you the actual percentage for ‘property’ is 21 out of 50. That’s a whopping 42 percent yeah. This is why when anyone tells me that property investment is no longer the favourite and everyone has moved on to newer investments, I will just smile. If they are good friends, I will tell them why. Else, it’s okay. Everyone can build their wealth their way. Just that these top 50 richest Malaysians think of property as important enough.

Happy investing into whatever you love. Just remember not to be taken away by hypes and buy a certain stock or even type of investment simply because you think that the CEO of the company is charismatic or that many people are into it. Value of the business is far more important on a longer term basis and any valuation based on just one person or even popularity and not the business or the fundamental may not last. Happy understanding.

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3 responses to “40 percent of the richest Malaysians are property related.”

  1. Just a random guy mah avatar
    Just a random guy mah

    How can you conclude its property investment ?
    1.The wealhy generate income from business
    2. The wealthy park or hold their money not in Banks but property – they dont need the income from property and they dont trust the banks.
    3. The wealthy make money from property development – they build and sell to suckers like property investors who take on debt and try to squeeze tenants to make money – when cannot make money then investors bleed mohey until tarik balik by the banks.

    Dont be like used car sales man – trying to hype up the market.

    1. kopiandproperty.my avatar

      Thanks for the view. Great to have a different thinking. Happy investing into anything you love. I do not need to hype up the market, I have nothing to sell. Cheers.

  2. […] that most high-net-worth individuals usually have property investment as part of their portfolio. 40% or more to be exact (click to read). I am sure this is just to show that they are rich and not because property investment  gives […]

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