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Let’s not talk about property today. Let’s talk about my other interest, shopping. From shoes to watches to clothes and handbags for my wife (99% of all my wife’s handbags were bought by me), I could shop for hours. I think this is one way I can also manage whatever stress I may have from work. Of course, it must be managed CAREFULLY or less the stress would go into financial stress. Haha. Okay, I passed by Mitsui Outlet Park the other day when I was driving towards KLIA2 to take a flight to Singapore. I think it’s ready to open on 30th May 2015. Yes, it’s just 7 days away! Take a look below:
The official website said that this is ‘where luxuries always come affordable.’ To be honest, it would be tough for luxuries to become affordable BUT I think it is safe to say that when you are there, you get to buy original luxury at cheaper prices. Instead of going to many different shopping centres to find all the brands in Mitsuit Outlet Park, you can now drive to just one place and find them. Please do note that ‘Outlet’ means these goods are possibly one season or more behind. In the US or Hong Kong, luxury must also be the same season. Not many wants to be seen with last season’s handbag. Here in Malaysia or even Singapore, only the brand counts, fortunately. That’s why there are lots of Singaporean cars in Johor Premium Outlet every weekend.
Some sports brands which are available are as follows: sports
I should be there on the second weekend. If I bought many stuffs, will share in another article. If I did not buy much, well I think this Mitsui Outlet Park needs to do even better. For those who managed to get some great deals, do share yeah. Happy buying!
written on 23 May 2015
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