Quill City Mall opening on 18th October

When I first read the news, I thought, it’s impossible. How could they open on 18th October. I pass by Quill City Mall every morning when I go to work. There were so many things which looked incomplete. Today when I pass by, I saw H&M fully stocked up! Everything was already arranged in their racks. Remember I wrote about this few months back? Here:  Quill City Mall, my FAVOURITE mall even before it opens Well, it’s within walking distance. Of course it’s going to my favourite mall. It’s official launch is said to be in 2015. I think this 18th October can be called ‘soft-launch’. As for those who are asking would this mall be successful, it has three things in its favour.
Connectivity. Right beside the Monorail Station of Medan Tuanku. Thus it is within the monorail network, something which many other malls have enjoyed. Now, it’s the turn of Quill City Mall.
Crowd. There are many office buildings nearby. There are many hotels nearby. It’s very jammed to drive out and taking monorail to other malls meant precious wasted time. Come on, minutes of walking meant 45 minutes to do lots of other things in the mall including even shopping, my favourite word.
Anchor tenant. It has AEON Jusco. In other words, varieties are already assured. My personal rank is that AEON Jusco is higher than Giant, Tesco or even Econsave even if Jusco is very slightly more expensive most of the time. I like that their racks are not arranged so close together like other supermarkets. Of course, the fact that I can continue to use my membership card to shop and save meant this is a value added point for me.
QuillWho are the tenants? From their website, following is the long list of new names and old names. Starbucks, GSC, Kluang Station, Food Junction, H&M, Best, Manhattan Fish Market, Original Classic, Sushi King, Red Lobster, beyond Veggie, Life Springs, The Chicken Rice Shop, Poh Kong, Switch, Coffee Bean, Rockport, L’occitane, Scholl, Hush Puppies, House of Leather, Ogawa, Samsung, Baskin Robbins, Thai Odyssey, A-Look, A-Saloon, Miko, Pancake House, SK, AWG, Xixili, Teh Tarik Place, Bossini, Cheetah, Komonoya, Happi Kiddo, Royal Sporting House, VANS, JKids, Mediviron, Heritage Hub, Echolac, Obermain, STAR Living, WatchShoppe, Ramen Ten, Travelforall.  What a long list and of course, more to come I guess since they would definitely have retail carts etc.
I am not in KL on weekend of 19th but rest assured, will be paying a visit to it on 20th October.
written on 14 Oct 2014
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  1. The Chicken Rice Shop in Quill City Mall , LG floor .Had the worst service staff in the outlet ! Yesterday , we went to shop at Quill City Mall , We ( 3 of Us ) decided to eat at The Chicken Rice Shop . When we went in , no one bother to say hello or welcome . Around 6.30 pm , They had 2 serving staff with 3 tables occupied ! ( 1 – 4 pax , 1 – 3 pax & 1 – 6 – pax which all had order with almost finishing their food . Then there us -3 pax with another sofa table -a couple . We sat for around 10-15 minutes . We start calling but no one bother to take our order . But we still wait for another 5 minutes , still no one came over ! I get mad and ask the cashier why no one was serving or take our order . The cashier ( him ) telling back to us , he is just cashier only . One staff went in to kitchen and never come out .
    We piss off and walk away and the other couple also follow !
    I think this is not the right attitude and image for the newly open Quill City Mall concept right !? if you had more attitude problem and can’t be bother staff , i believe the company will surely be losing revenue and income.
    So we walk and move around to the top floor and back to LG floor with end up in Kluang Station Cafe . Wow , I so impress with the way the staff welcome us and sit us down .
    the waiter ( I believe he look like Myammar ) He was so intelligent by not writing down the food that we ordered. ( 8 items in total ) which he can remember what had we ordered.
    He recognize who order what and place exactly to who had request for it . Bravo! Hat off to this staff ( young & fair skin chep) Overall foods was good and I give them 85% mark for the food & beverage and service. I did reward them with some tips.
    The Cafe was packed at around 8.00pm when we leave the place . Meanwhile The Chicken Rice Shop was empty !!!!!! It make so much different with right attitude and aptitude . I will definitely recommending to my friends and family on the KLUANG sTATION CAFE. . You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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