Battersea, London. 13x bigger than one year Penang new launches

Battersea London. Yes, there would be no launching event in South East Asia for this Phase 3, just like phase 2. Due to the expensive flight tickets, I have decided not to buy a unit. 🙂  Just kidding. The prices start from just £495,000 for studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments from £590,000, two-bedroom apartments from £1.2 million, three-bedroom apartments from £1.9 million and four-bedroom apartments from £3.2 million. With just £1.9 million your family of 4 can relax in one of London’s top new address once it is ready. If you are bringing your parents along, please do not be stingy, get the £3.2 million four-bedroom apartment instead. Actually, if I am closer to my neighbour, they may just invite me over to London for the housewarming of their unit which they bought in Phase 1. They own One (1) unit out of the 700 units in Phase 1.
Personally I feel Battersea is an amazing project. SP Setia may be the biggest developer in Malaysia and has ventured out of Malaysia before but Battersea is a project which not that many developer companies in the world can take up. Total GDV is expected to be RM52 Billion or higher. In comparison, the total GDV for new properties in Penang on a yearly basis based on an average of RM400,000 per unit and total of 10,000 units would reach only RM4 Billion. One Battersea project is around 13 X Bigger. In case you are wondering how can SP Setia be that big, well this project is jointly developed by SP Setia, Sime Darby and Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia (EPF). I think this project will contribute significantly to the dividend that EPF may be paying to us in the near future.
batterseaWant to know some of the reasons why the prices are so attractive? The designer, Foster + Partners have designed the ‘Battersea Roof Gardens’. This is a strongly delineated, rippling building creating a series of waves and it will have one of the largest roof gardens in London. Each unit would have winter garden with a three-storey high entrance lobby. On the east side of the Electric Boulevard, LA based Gehry Partners would have a cluster of five buildings each with sculptural facades inspired by London’s famous John Nash Regency terraces. This is known as ‘Prospect Place’. Of course, all these are complemented by a location which is right above London’s newest pedestrianised high street and impressive gateway to The Power Station. Just reading these would tell you how exclusive and elegant the whole design would be.
Official launch is on 31 October. If you intend to buy, you need to quickly pre-register and get invited for sales appointments in London beginning 24 October. As I have said, due to the flight ticket price, I have decided not to get a unit this round. I will wait eagerly for the next one.
written on 14 Oct 2014
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