Property market will be worse with Trump’s win?

trumpDuring lunch today everyone was discussing about how Donald Trump seems to be leading in the race to become the President of the most powerful nation in the world. I have to agree that military wise, they are. Economically, it’s debatable. Anyway, all the comments were negative and one said everything will be bad if Trump wins. Another said when Malaysians travel to the U.S. in the future, the checks will be even more thorough. She said in her last trip, she was already searched thoroughly because she was holding a Malaysian passport. Then one question popped up, should we stop buying property until the situation becomes stable. I laughed and asked, ‘becomes stable’ means what? He shared that Trump is against many people and countries. Well, a few hours after the discussion, Trump really did win. (Image) Let me share my views.
Trump focused on a very real theme; SECURITY. There has been many publicised attacks in the U.S recently. Around the world, security becomes a huge concern with unprecedented attacks. In other words, this theme is really suitable to get more direct votes. Now that he has won however, would he take even more aggressive stance? To be frank, I think he will start to rebuild some of the ‘tough’ image. Seriously, he is now the President of the U.S. and NOT just for the people who voted him. It is really not that clever to keep pushing the other side. Engaging from the position of power will yield much better results. So, yes I think Mr. Donald Trump will be sensible enough with his newly won job. Who knows, if he does a good job, it may be a career for him, like Mr. Obama who won re-election.
In brief, my answer is simple. Need a property so that you stop paying rent and start getting potential capital appreciation in the future, buy lah. Found a property which the owner is now more willing to negotiate because of the extremely negative sentiment currently, take the opportunity lah. Look at the stock market today, some stocks have fallen simply because of this result. Will it really affect the business so fast, so soon or if ever at all? Casual reminder also that China or even ASEAN are bigger trading partners to Malaysia than the U.S. and the onus should be on them to increase this number bigger because we are having surpluses and they are having deficits. Am I not right? Yes, ringgit is expected to be extremely volatile with a negative bias at least till everything calms down? Happy following and I hope you will be a sensible President, Mr. Trump.
written on 9 Nov 2016
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